A typical summer day

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary.  She was visiting the Lake District a couple of days ago and enjoyed the same good weather as we have been having.  She took this picture from the top of a double decker bus while she was going from Grasmere to Keswick.

Between Grasmere and Keswick - from the top of a double decker bus

After the excitements of the Common Riding, we had a much quieter day today and in this we were greatly helped by some typical Langholm summer weather, namely strong winds and frequent rain.

It came as a bit of a shock after the endless sunshine but it was quite welcome from a gardening point of view….

soggy lawn

…even though the lawn was so dry that the rain just lay on the surface rather than soaking in.

Later in the day, Mrs Tootlepedal found that the soil was still dry just under the surface.  But as I write this post, the rain is beginning to rise up in my scientific rain gauge and since the forecast says that it is going to rain every day for a week, we shouldn’t have to worry about dry soil for too long.

Matilda and her parents stayed for lunch before heading off.  Although Matilda had enjoyed her stay, she didn’t seem to be too unhappy about going back to her own home…

matilda going home

…a feeling I can fully understand.

It has been a treat having her and her parents to stay.

There were odd patches of sunshine during the day…

sunny dahlia

…and I am very pleased to see the Fuchsias doing well as they are my favourite flower.


…but mostly it seemed to be raining.

soggy dahlia

I am hoping that the cosmos will benefit from the celestial watering can…


…as there are still a lot which are reluctant to show any flower buds.

The dahlias have been fairly carefully watered and they are producing a new flower every day.

dahlia of the day

The vegetable garden is still working well and Al and Clare were well loaded up with courgettes before they were allowed to leave.

When the visitors had gone, I set the bird watching camera up and watched the birds.  Mrs Tootlepedal rightly pointed out that some of the youngest birds have probably never seen rain before but there was a steady stream of seed seekers.

The strong wind made landing an adventure…

sparrow landing

…and the fact that the feeder was only half full made perches hard to find.

flying greenfinch

A young greenfinch discovered that making faces at a determined sparrow…

sparrow and greenfinch 2

…only leads to violence.

sparrow and greenfinch

In the afternoon, we watched the time trial stage of the Tour de France rather nervously but all was well and our favourite, Geraint Thomas, came through with flying colours and should proceed ceremonially to victory tomorrow.  He has had a lot of bad luck on previous tours though and I wouldn’t put it completely beyond the bounds of possibility that he gets struck by lightning on his way to Paris.  Fingers are firmly crossed.

One good thing about the wet weather was that it let me get another week of the newspaper index entered into the Archive Group database and if the forecast is correct, I soon should be ahead of the game.  Every cloud has a silver lining, they say.

On the down side, Mrs Tootlepedal went out into the garden in the late afternoon and found that the wind had done a lot of damage to our tall sunflowers.

Here she is reflecting on the fate of one of them.

broken sunflower

It is still a spectacular flower but it doesn’t look as good in a vase in the kitchen as it did against the fence in the garden.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch.

flying chaffinch



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13 thoughts on “A typical summer day

  1. Have enjoyed catching up with all the happenings at your place. It was wonderful to meet up with Miss Matilda and family again, I’m so glad the weather held itself together for the celebrations, and I hope you get just the right amount of rain for the garden and to get you caught up with the archiving.

    1. The weather held up so well until the very final moments of the Common Riding and has been so wet and windy since that it is hard to resist the temptation to agree with locals when they nod their heads and say, “Of course, God is a Langholm man.”

  2. That landscape photo by your sister is excellent. I wish we had double decker busses here. And beautiful views like that one.
    The cosmos must be a double variety. They’re very pretty, and so are the dahlias.
    I hope your week long rain falls gentler than ours did. We just had another nasty storm blow through and I’ve lost count of how many we’ve had.

  3. Interested to see the rain lying on your lawn and not soaking through after such a long dry period. The Thirlmere reservoir in the Lake District looked remarkably low.

  4. It’s good that you can enjoy the sunflower indoors before the birds can enjoy eating it outdoors later in the season. Even I knew the wonderful news about Geraint …his name is headlines in Welsh papers and news…the lad has done well.

  5. Hooray for the rain! It was nice of it to hold off until after the Common Riding for a change.

    I hope that you get at least a few sunny moments during the rain that’s forecast for the coming week as the flowers look extra special in good light with raindrops on them.

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