More summer weather

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my friend Bruce.  As the rain poured down today, it was good to be reminded of our sunny Common Riding which this enthusiast observed from beside the Castleholm.

common riding spectator

It rained so heavily during the night that it woke us both up.  Luckily it didn’t rain that heavily for long but my scientific (even though it has a leak) rain gauge had recorded the shower(s) when I checked at breakfast time.

rain gauge morning

It didn’t take long for the rain to start again and it more or less rained for the rest of the morning and afternoon and only stopped in the early evening.

The rain gauge recorded that too.

rain gauge afternoon

Mrs Tootlepedal went to church and heard the minister announce that he is hoping to move to a new parish soon.  This is sad news for us and he will be missed

As it was too wet to do anything more interesting, we went out to visit a couple of garden centres at lunchtime and an indication of how dry the ground has been was given by the fact that the river Esk had hardly risen at all.

Still, there was no need to think about watering the garden today.

dahlias in rain

I had a walk round before we went out in a drier moment.

The verbascum has come to the end of the road with only a single flower lefty on the very tip of each strand.

final verbascum flower

Many of the phlox blossoms have been beaten to the ground.

fallen phlox

(Notice how nobly I resisted the temptation to say that many of the phlox phlowers had phallen off)

The tropeaeolum seems unaffected by drought or rain.

tropaeolum wet

I hope that the weather will be kind to this lily…


…which looks very promising.

Our trip to the garden centres was productive as we got stuff for the garden at one and a good lunch at the other.

When we got home, it was still a miserable day with the clouds so low that they were banging on the pavements as we drove through the town.

I set up the bird watching camera and watched the birds.

Once again I was surprised by how well damp birds manage to fly.  We had no shortage of visitors to the feeder in the rain.

Chaffinches appear to be more waterproof…

perching chaffinch in rain

…than greenfinches…

soggy greenfinch on feeder

…which all had rather soggy heads.

soggy greenfinch on feeder 2

There was constant traffic while I watched.

busy feeder wet day

And this led to some more inconsiderate  behaviour.

An impatient chaffinch gave a greenfinch a kick…

chaffinch kicking greenfinch 1

…and finding that it didn’t budge, it drew back…

chaffinch kicking greenfinch 2

…and had another go.

chaffinch kicking greenfinch 3

All the birds began to look a bit bedraggled….

wet flying chaffinch

…but these two took the prize.

very soggy goldfinch

The evening turned out to be quite dry so perhaps they will have a chance to recover before it starts raining again.   At least the temperature is going to stay above 10°C overnight and the the persistent rain forecast for tomorrow is supposed to be light.

After our sleep disturbed night, we were very happy to be able to relax on the sofa in the afternoon and watch the Welsh Wonder officially win the Tour de France.

After the cycling was over, I thought about going for a cycle ride in a brisk wind on wet roads and stayed inside and put two weeks of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database instead.  This effort finally finished off the work for 1897 and if the rain continues, 1898 will soon be under way.

I made a stew for our tea and was able to make use of some ingredients from the garden for the meal.

turnip runner beans and carrots

We can confidently say that for this year at least, Mrs Tootlepedal’s battle against the carrot root fly has been won.  The rain has brought the runner beans on with a vengeance and we will be full of beans again.

It was sometimes difficult to tell the birds apart in the rain but I think that the flying bid of the day is a sparrow.

flying sparrow in rain



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36 thoughts on “More summer weather

  1. I’m really happy for you that you are finally getting some rain. Even though the always funny birds and flowers looked quite wet today. The fresh veggies from the garden even look tastier than their packaged and transported versions that are past their prime long before they hit the shelves in the market.

  2. Phantastic willpower. It seems you had today the weather we had yesterday. If that happens again tomorrow – if you see what I mean, as I resist saying mutatis mutandis – you will have some more rain but it will get better increasingly through the day, with even a little sun in the evening.

  3. It seems like what we had last week has blown over the Atlantic to visit you this week. I hope you don’t get the high humidity as well. It was horrible.
    The nastirtiums (tropeaeolum) are doing really well by the looks. They can be spindly and sad looking at times here. It must be your compost.
    Those are great looking veggies, especially the beans. I’m glad the root flies are looking elsewhere. The carrots look just about perfect.

  4. My rain gauge is whatever collects in the bottoms of my new yard waste containers turned upside-down. We were surprised with a quick soak this afternoon, totally unforecasted but I was thankful for it as it seems whatever rain we get quickly dries up with the heat.

  5. We would love to have some of your rain. Fire season started early this year. It has been dry for some time now, and we have been spot watering and bringing buckets of water to trees and individual plants. The heat has been intense enough to slow down growth of the blueberries. Any berries ripening now are small, and taking a while to pick.

      1. Mendocino is burning now. I remember visiting that area some years back. Sad to think of it.

        We have had alien orange sundowns the last few nights. No immediate fires. We are lucky.

  6. The leaves on the tropeaeolum are as lovely as the blooms. Glad you had a bit of rain of late – we’re on the waiting list again. Eating lots of beets though – will soon start looking like one!

  7. Sorry to see some damage from the rain but it must feel much better. We’ve just ratcheted up to unbearably hot. Off to Finland to find some cooler weather.

  8. Poor bedraggled birds. They all look to be having a bad hair day! But good news that there will be a respite from the hand watering.

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