Many shades of grey

Today’s guest picture shows a curiously cloudy South African sky spotted by my South African correspondent Tom.

SA cloudy sky

We had a cloudy day here too but there was nothing curious about it.  It was was just grey…

…and drizzly all day.  The rain didn’t come to anything, it was just that sort of annoying stuff that stops you doing interesting things outside.

In general though, we have had a very dry week and Mary Jo’s scientific rain gauge only recorded 1 cm for the last seven days.

Mrs Tootlepedal and I cycled through the light drizzle to attend the producers’ market in the Buccleuch Centre.  I stocked up on my usual supplies of meat, fish cheese and honey and then I turned my back for a moment and Mrs Tootlepedal bought a small forest.

She said it was going cheap.

This picture shows her cycling home with two thirds of it.

cycling forest

I had the other third on the back of my bike.

Once we had unloaded the forest, we set about unblocking a drain.

Mike Tinker had noticed that it was overflowing when he visited us on Friday.  At great personal sacrifice, Mrs Tootlepedal stuck her arm down the narrow drain and cleared it out while I offered all sorts of helpful advice from the sidelines. ( I would like to say that had the drain been wider, I would have been doing the arm sticking down work and Mrs Tootlepedal the advising.)  Still, working as a team, we got the drain cleared and I had a walk about the garden.

I had had plenty of time while we were working at the drain to admire the clematis beside it.

front ddor clematis

And I have remarked before that the dahlias seem impervious to sogginess…

big red dahlia

…though some of the ‘Sunny Reggae’ were looking a bit nibbled.

holey dahlia

The poppies were looking positively glum.

sad poppies

Such is the power of suggestion that I thought I saw pools of water at the centre of this poppy because of the raindrops on its petals…

damp red poppy

…but a second look revealed that it was just white patches on the petals.

The fuschias are flowering but tend to look a bit depressed at the moment.

crushed fuchsia

I noticed that there are many little moisture spangled webs around the garden and took a picture of one of them.

wet web close

It looked very striking in close up.

wet web

After that, we went indoors and basically didn’t come out for the rest of the day, though we did do some more shopping in the evening.

I had a brief look at the birds and found some goldfinches which looked as though they were enjoying the day as much as me…

two wet goldfinches

…or even less…

wet goldfinch

…though one did summon up the energy to wave at the cameraman….

wet goldfinches waving

…shortly before being chased off its perch by an incoming greenfinch…

wet goldfinches and greenfinch

…which didn’t look very happy either.

wet goldfinches and greenfinch 2

The only dry looking bird about was a chaffinch perched under the shelter of the sunflower leaves beside the feeder.

chaffinch on sunflower

I spent an afternoon getting to know a new programme which I have purchased for my computer and buyers of new programs will know that this entails a world of pain.  I have more or less worked out its quirks.

I used some of the fish that I bought at the market this morning to make kedgeree for our tea and then we settled down to watch the highlights of La Vuelta.  This took place in such dry heat that we were quite grateful for our damp day here.

After its summer break, the church choir resumes full activity tomorrow so I will find out if my voice is working well or not.  It will certainly be rusty.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch complaining loudly about the rain.

flying chaffinch shouting




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21 thoughts on “Many shades of grey

  1. If I know Mrs. T. she’ll have that leggy forest cut back and bushy in no time at all.
    It’s hard to get excited about drain cleaning but always nice when the water flows once again.
    The beautiful dahlia right after the clematis and the wet web are my two favorites this time.

  2. It was nice of the goldfinch to wave to you! I love the spider web covered in rain drops and the dahlias, I believe that they are impervious to about anything short of gale force winds.

  3. I love little details like your moisture spangled web (or whatever it is). It’s quite interesting and unique looking. It takes a very special eye to catch something like that.

    I’m afraid I’ve fallen far behind in my blogging activity. It’s a good thing on the one hand since we’ve finished up the list of projects we wanted to accomplish. Now we get to go play and have adventures in the camper. We are headed to the Olympic Peninsula north of us in Washington state. Perhaps I’ll get to see an actual rain forest. There will likely be no blogging until we return. You will be missed!

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