Helping out

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my brother Andrew.  He is recovering from an knee problem so naturally he wanted to test it out.  This was his idea of a good place to test a knee.  He got to the top.


 A short post today as I am rather tired as we had a full day.  It had rained overnight and the garden was fully of soggy flowers when I went out after breakfast.

three wet flowers

This cosmos was the best of them in my view.

big cosmos

I started off by going to the dentist for a check up (passed) and as soon as I got home, we set off in the car to catch the train to Edinburgh from Tweedbank.  The reason for the unusually early visit to Edinburgh was a request from Matilda’s parents for a little help with their garden.

They are selling their house and the professional photographer from the agents was coming to take pictures for the website in the afternoon so they wanted the garden to look as neat as possible.

After two hours work, mostly by Mrs Tootlepdedal but with assistance from me on the mower and lawn edging front, it looked like this.

Carlyle Place lawn

I didn’t take a picture of the garden before Mrs Tootlepedal got to work weeding, planting, clipping and tidying but Hercules had it easy at the Augean Stables by comparison.

What the picture doesn’t show was the rain that came down as we worked.

Inside the house, Alistair and Clare had done wonders.  It was painted recently by our other son and they had tidied and re-arranged and  ‘decorated the set’ so that it looked most inviting, both downstairs….

Carlyle Place downstairs

…and up.

Carlyle Place upstairs

We lent a hand where we could for the final touches and everything was finished just as the photographer arrived.

They are fortunate to have two keen gardeners just opposite them so that the view from their windows in always interesting…..

Carlyle Place sunflowerrs

…and they are very well connected…

Carlyle Place pole

…so we hope that the sale will go well.

Al and Clare were very pleased with the results of the professional photographers work and I look forward to seeing the pictures in due course.

After all the hard work, the grown ups needed a rest so Matilda took us all out for a meal at a very nice Italian restaurant in Leith Walk.

We caught the bus up to the station after the meal…

Leith Walk

…and were impressed by the very tall cranes at the top of the road.  They are busy with construction on the site of a little loved modern set of buildings which we are old enough to have seen being built and subsequently demolished..

We walked along to the edge of the terrace above Waverley Station when we got there and admired the view of the station roof, the North Bridge and Arthur’s Seat in the background.


North Bridge

It had tried to rain quite a few times during the day, but the showers hadn’t lasted long and we had good weather for the train and car journey home.

The flying bird of the day is a big city snail.  Al and Clare have dozens in their garden.

Edinburgh snail


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17 thoughts on “Helping out

  1. I think the lawn alone would hook me in a city but who could resist a lawn and garden? I hope it sells quickly.
    It looks like your brither’s lungs might have been tested as well.
    I like the snail. It’s the first city snail I’ve seen.

      1. Looks like the big snails we have, which I believe were imported from Europe on purpose for eating. Which I never can bear to think about.

        I like the upstairs bedroom in that house. I hope it all fetches a fine price.

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