Not much to say (for once)

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Susan who had a recent trip to the west country where she looked over the surfing beach at Newquay from her hotel.


I had an uneventful day today with only a visit to our new travelling bank in the morning and a visit to Matilda in the afternoon to report.

I took a look round the garden before going to the bank.

The verbascum is developing well
An unusual dahlia
drive flowers
The bed at the end of the drive

I had a quick look at the birds over lunch.  Sparrows and chaffinches were in evidence.

sparrow with sedchaffinch peering

When we got to Lockerbie station in the afternoon, I stretched my legs with a walk along to the end of the platform before the train came (late as ever) as I usually do and once again was delighted by the geometry of railway lines.

Lockerbie railway geometry

I think it is the vanishing perspective that makes the view so alluring.

I looked up at the decorative tower on the town hall and saw that it had some birds as extra decoration today….

Lockerbie town hall with birds

…and I was pleased to see one actually perching on the wire structure that is supposed to keep them off the building.

Al and Clare have been very  busy preparing their house for inspection by potential buyers but they finally finished today and the house is now on the market.  It looked so good in the house agent’s booklet that we nearly bought it ourselves.  I gave the lawn a trim and a neatened up the edges which gave me some innocent enjoyment.

As they were both tired and the house was far to neat to have a meal in, we went out for our evening meal for the second week running.  I could get used to city life and eating out if wasn’t for the ruinous expense.,

To be fair to the rail company, the train home was on time.

It was a very grey and windy day so it wasn’t a day to take many photographs but I have never seen a flying bird of the day pictures that spoke of “Flaps down!” with such urgency.

chaffinch flaps down


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26 thoughts on “Not much to say (for once)

  1. How exactly does the travelling bank work?

    Re. the pigeon: cheeky blighter! We had some that did the same thing – climbed over and behind the spikes, and we had to install an actual wall of metal mesh that stopped them from nesting on the stack vent. It’s a toss-up whether pigeons or Canada geese are the most pestilential! Mind you, we’ve not yet found a goose on the roof . . . (fingers crossed).

    1. It comes in a sizeable van once a week for just about half an hour. Not much of a service, especially if you have to queue outside in the rain before it is your turn.

      I reckon that it was probably a starling rather than a pigeon though it was too far away to be absolutely sure….but the principle is the same.

  2. Good ol’ perspective..great photo. Love the ‘flaps’ down’ photo too and the colour combination of the border at the end of your drive is beautiful…a quiet but pleasing day.

  3. For a short day as far as photos, you came up with a coupe of exceptional ones, the flying bird of the day, the unusual dahlia, and the wider view of the flower bed at the end of the drive. I hope that things go well when it comes to your son selling the home quickly!

  4. I love your flying bird – I feel as if I know your birds through your photographs almost as well as if I saw them every day. I will never forget a chaffinch!

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