Everlasting melody

Today’s guest picture is a follow up to Dropscone’s picture from Islay.  My South African correspondent, Tom must also have visited the island because he has sent me a round church by way of counterbalance to Dropscone’s square lighthouse. Kilarrow Church is a Church of Scotland parish church, overlooking and serving Bowmore on the Isle of Islay. It was built in 1767

bowmore church

We had a very straightforward day today.  We went to church and sang in the morning and we went to Carlisle and sang in the afternoon.  There wasn’t much time for anything else as the church service was quite long with two baptisms and the Carlisle session lasted several hours because the community choir was auditioning four applicants for the post of musical director.

We were in the happy position in the community choir of having four excellent candidates, any one of whom seemed likely to be able to look after us well.  We were asked to vote for the one we liked best as a guide to the committee who are making the choice and Mrs Tootlepedal and I chose differently but I would be very happy if her choice won.

We did manage to find enough time to make a beef stew for the slow cooker before we went to church and to visit a shop in Carlisle to buy a few necessities (dates, cheese, coffee beans) on our way to the choir.

It had rained heavily over night but the day was pleasant enough.  It so windy though that I was not at all disappointed to be deprived of cycling.

Just to add a little colour to this post, I rushed out a took three pictures before we went to church…

red admiral
A single red admiral had ignored the wind and arrived on the buddleia
cosmos with dead heads
The tall cosmos looks good but shows that dead heading has been neglected lately
And some nerines have arrived very suddenly next to the chimney pot by the bird feeder


…and then three more pictures in the fading light when we got back in the evening.

Mrs Tootlepedal has cleared some other plants away so that I can get a good look at the fuchsias.
Special Grandma rose
Special Grandma rose is having a second go.
pink dahlia
The dahlia of the day – perfect in my view.

There was no time to watch the birds.  I will try to do better tomorrow but more strong winds are forecast.




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34 thoughts on “Everlasting melody

  1. Oh my – that is a truly lovely dahlia. You still have quite a bit of colour in your garden this late in the year. Our colour is mostly from the trees now, but as per usual the yellow leaves of the ash trees, which seem to be lit from within, lost the battle with recent winds and rain. Glorious while it lasted though!

  2. Very sensible of the committee to ask for the choir’s input. Sounds like a pleasant way to spend a Sunday. Hope you enjoyed some cheese, prunes and coffee to round it off nicely

  3. Catch up was impossible for me these last few weeks, but I am glad to see the Tootlepedal garden is still looking colorful!

    Our butterfly bush is blooming again as the quick transition into autumn has refreshed it. Rain has finally come. Not a lot, but enough so that we don’t have to water the garden. So many things coming ripe now, including the grapes. We’ll be pressing grapes within the next couple of weeks.

  4. A pleasantly symmetrical day even the beautiful flowers have blended colours. ( I was going to write coordinated colours but it all sounded too Year 4 maths lesson!). A good idea of the choir committee to ask for choir’s opinion- common sense really.

    1. I am not sure that I entirely approve of asking people’s opinions about tricky choices. I am am not convinced that I made the right choice myself but luckily the committee ignored me.

  5. For someone in a rush you couldn’t prove it by your photos, Tom. These are lovely. And, I’m with you, that dahlia of the day is perfect. Was it backlit or is that just the coloring that makes it look aglow?

  6. For being rushed, you managed to shoot a stunning photo of the dahlia, and the others were very good as well. I hope that the new director of the choir works out once chosen.

  7. I do love the fuchsias. I’ve thought of them as tiny little ballerinas and our hummingbirds sure love them. We had some growing by the side of the road near the new house and I snipped a little cutting. They could surely use some rain, but seem to be hanging in there, though I’ve tried to keep them watered during this prolonged dry spell. Perhaps they’re slow to grow, putting more into growing roots at the moment. I DO hope they learn to thrive in their new spot.

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