Today’s guest pictures is another from Venetia’s visit to Marseille.  Mrs Tootlepedal and I have had two very good visits to Marseille with my siblings so I make no apologies for another picture of a place of which I have happy memories. Last night I foolishly let my thoughts stray to the idea of having Continue reading “Decisions”

An old acquaintance renewed

Toady’s guest picture comes from Mike Tinker and shows  part of a small army of ladybirds which he and Alison encountered on their recent Welsh holiday. We had another sunny day here but unlike the the past few days there were definitely clouds in the sky. I spent a quiet morning resting my leg whileContinue reading “An old acquaintance renewed”

No pedal but at least a tootle or two

My Somerset correspondent, Venetia was intrigued by this curious statue in Marseille on her recent visit. The weather gods are rolling on the floor laughing at their own tremendous wit as they provided yet another 100% sunny day while I am still basically confined to barracks.  My leg is steadily progressing but not enough toContinue reading “No pedal but at least a tootle or two”

Three treats

(First a note about yesterday’s guest picture which I claimed was taken by Tony in the morning, In fact, it was taken by his partner Marianne in the afternoon but apart from that, I was completely correct.) Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent Venetia who recently strayed far enough from home to arriveContinue reading “Three treats”

A cold snap

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother who stopped to take this picture on his way up Stanage Edge in the Peak District today. I had a busy morning which started with taking the car to the garage to get a slow puncture sorted.  I had noticed the possibility of pressure loss when I pumpedContinue reading “A cold snap”

A shorter trip

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who noticed Derby’s answer to the enchanted forest, a Disco Bridge.  This is St Mary’s Bridge and the ferryman is giving a foot passenger a piggy back lift across it. After the excitements of the last two days and excessive image numbers, things were a lot quieterContinue reading “A shorter trip”

Two days of colour and fun

Today’s non-guest picture is the return of the embroidery of the Wallace Monument just because I enjoyed it so much (and it’s a better picture than the one that I took with my phone). Today’s post is going to crush the two days of our mini-break into one so there are a lot of picturesContinue reading “Two days of colour and fun”

Another eponymous day

Today’s guest picture comes from our friends Mike and Alison who are on holiday in Wales.  It is a picture of a small church near Hundred House.  It has, as Mike points out, big bells and sunshine. I was doubly surprised this morning as the forecast had talked of strong winds and rain in Scotland. Continue reading “Another eponymous day”