Drinking at the well of culture.

I reduced my family contacts to just the three sisters today (without a cherry orchard in sight) and after a cup of tea with sisters Mary and Caroline, my sister Susan took me off to the National Gallery….

… for a lunchtime lecture on Samuel Courtauld, the art collector and philanthropist.

It was very interesting and after fortifying ourselves with a bowl of soup, we went to look at a small exhibition of pictures that he had found interesting.

We found them interesting too.

He seems to have bought or caused to have been bought every famous impressionist picture I learned about at school.

He took his work home with him.

His sitting room.

… but gave a lot of it to the nation when he died.

I fitted a bit of sightseeing into the day and enjoyed this tiny 17thC church behind the gallery…

… and the views from beside the Thames as I walked along the south bank.

I struggled to find a view of St Paul’s which didn’t have a crane I’m front of it…

… but close by in a crowded field, there were any amount of contestants for the silliest building in London.

After my stroll along the river, I caught the train home from Blackfriars Station which sits on a bridge directly above the river.

The day ended with a meal with Susan and Mary as Caroline had gone back home.

I am going back to Langholm tomorrow and I will miss the excitement of the big city. It is very expensive down here though. I hadn’t been here for much more than a day when bang went two pounds just like that.

I did find a sitting bird of the day beside the Thames.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

14 thoughts on “Drinking at the well of culture.

  1. That comment about money made me laugh! It reminded me of a line from Luthera Dawson’s Maine memoir “Salt Water Farm.” Her mother often said, “We don’t go to town much, but when we do, bang! There go the butter money.” šŸ˜‰

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