Three treats

(First a note about yesterday’s guest picture which I claimed was taken by Tony in the morning, In fact, it was taken by his partner Marianne in the afternoon but apart from that, I was completely correct.)

Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent Venetia who recently strayed far enough from home to arrive in Marseille where her hotel had an enticing pool – though not quite enticing enough to tempt her in for a swim as it was unheated.

Marseille pool

We had a very unheated day today with temperatures very close to freezing in the morning and back below zero in the evening.

The sun shone throughout the day which made enforced leg resting a bit hard to bear. Things are improving though and I was able to totter to church in the morning to sing with the choir.

When I had tottered back home again, I slow marched through the garden.

In spite of the near zero start to the day, flowers are still blooming.

winter jasmine
The winter jasmine is a cheat as it has just started.
red nasturtium
There are still lots of nasturtiums along the wall of the house, both in red….
yellow nasturtium
…and in yellow.
lilian austin late october
Lilian Austin hasn’t given up yet…
last fuschia bud
…and the fuchsias have still got a lot to give potentially.
late lamium
The lamium….
perservering strawberry
…and the ornamental strawberry continue to delight…..
tatty viola
…but the  violas are looking past their best…
last of the clematis
…as are the clematis.

However, rather to my surprise, I saw a bee hard at work.

late october bee

The chaffinches were still giving the new feeder a wary look.

flying chaffinch

I put my enforced rest to good use by going indoors and entering a couple of weeks of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database, and then after lunch, we drove back to church for a choir practice.

Our organist and choir master had accepted an invitation to take part in a four choir mini festival in a neighbouring church and had decided that we would sing the Hallelujah chorus as one of our two contributions.  Luckily, he had acquired a few extra outside singers to help us and we had a good practice.

Then we got the first treat of the day as a reward, a slap up afternoon tea in the Eskdale Hotel with a mountain of sandwiches, sausage rolls and fancy cakes.

Fortified by this, we drove over to Lochmaben, about 25 miles away, with two other choir members in the back and Mrs Tootlepedal at the wheel.

I had not known what to expect from the event but Lochmaben church turned out to be very charming and comfortable and the mini festival was most enjoyable with the efforts of the choirs being interspersed with singing of some old favourite hymns. Our turn went off pretty well so the whole thing was another treat…..(especially as it didn’t go on too long.)

And then there were more cups of tea and more fancy cakes so that was the third treat.

When it came to driving home, the temperature dipped below zero but as the roads were dry, there was no danger of ice to alarm us and we got home safely.

My leg got through all this excitement with no trouble and steady improvement continues but it will be another quiet day tomorrow.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch which plucked up its courage and approached the new feeder directly.

flying chaffinch 28 Oct


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26 thoughts on “Three treats

  1. As a matter of fact, everybody likes nature and wants to be part of it. But we do not know how to promote and care. All such people should take inspiration from such kind of articles. Thanks!

  2. The honeybees will fly in winter if it is roughly in the neighborhood of 47 degrees or more.

    Those flowers that survived are beautiful. Nasturtiums are such hardy souls!

  3. Sounds like a fun day with all that singing and lots of treats. Your flower photographs were brilliant, such vivid colours and, of course, I especially enjoyed the fuchsia.

  4. Singing, tea and cakes and an improving injury…a good day. We had our first proper frost last night and all my annuals were hit…so pleased to see your nasturtiums still shining through.

  5. Both the Lilian Austin rose and the flying bird of the day are excellent images! With all the treats during the afternoon, it does sound like a wonderful day despite the cold and the bum leg. I hope that your recovery continues as quickly as it has so far.

  6. I’m glad to hear you’re taking proper care of that leg! I’m also ecstatic to report we finally got over 3 inches of rain the other day, but the sun was back today. I’m loving this autumn season. Hope the predictions for a drier winter than usual prove to be wrong.

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