Not the best of days

Today’s guest picture comes from my son Tony who is photographing a lot more now that he lives in the country and not in the city.   He must have a very steady hand.

tony's moon

We were promised rain today and we got it.  I managed to get along to the producers’ market in the Buccleuch Centre after breakfast before the rain came but it started soon after I got back and continued all day well into the evening.

Mary Jo’s scientific rain gauge was showing 3½ inches when I looked at it this evening and as we have had a pretty dry spell recently, most of this has come in the past two days.  I did mean to check the gauge every week but I keep forgetting.

After we had had a cup of coffee, we decided to improve a very gloomy day by going to get Mrs Tootlepedal’s new reading glasses, buy some bird food and visit a garden centre to get a new honeysuckle for the garden.

The glasses and bird food acquisition went well but trying to buy a plant in the garden centre was up hill work as it was full to the brim with Christmas tat and plants had been relegated to the outer regions.  We tried a second garden centre and failed there too but Mrs Tootlepedal had been able to pick the very tulip bulbs that she wanted at the first centre so it wasn’t a total write off.

After lunch, I tried to take a bird picture but there were few birds to be seen and those that were about were not doing any unnecessary flying.

wet saturday chaffinch

Mrs Tootlepedal and I walked through the rain to the church to attend an organ recital in aid of the fund to restore our church organ to its full glory.  The recital seemed rather gloomy too, not helped by the organist telling us not applaud as he thought that it was silly.

Mrs Tootlepedal went off afterwards to help out at the Buccleuch Centre and I settled down to full time resting as I had tweaked my leg muscle again while walking to the church.  It is really hard to find the balance between gentle restorative exercise and making things worse.  I am not getting it right at the moment.

Then I made the mistake of watching a bit of the Scotland v Wales rugby international and the sight of Scotland reverting to old habits and losing comfortably made the day seem even gloomier.

No flying bird of the day so I am finishing with a picture which shows that it wasn’t raining all over Scotland today.  On the east coast today.  Tony and Dylan spent some happy time digging up a large tree root and were justifiably proud when they succeeded in getting it out of the ground.

Tony, Dylan and the root


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29 thoughts on “Not the best of days

  1. Good photo of the moon with the craters picked out. It was a dismal day for you with everything stacked up against you…weather, rugby, shopping, leg and to top it all…no clapping! New week tomorrow it will all get better…hopefully!

  2. I agree with your sister – the dripping branches and the bird make for a wonderful photo. Like you, I am aghast that the Christmas decorations are out already – they must have them installed under the Hallowe’en “tat” so they surface as soon as everything orange is sold!

  3. Too bad about the leg and the rain, the bright side, if there is one, that you didn’t miss anything by not being able to get around very well when it was such a nasty day.

  4. Sorry to hear about your leg too. I agree it’s very difficult to figure out how much exercise is too much when you know you have to keep moving and your body says “not so fast”. But you still manage to get more done even in the rain than most people!

  5. Sorry for the leg setback. Agreed it is annoying when Christmas supersedes good plants. (Cannot bear to say trumps anymore.) Of course, I am curious which tulip Mrs T wanted.

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