Putting on weight again

Today’s guest picture is another blast of sunshine from the past.  This time it is a pleasant valley scene from one of my brother Andrew’s Derbyshire walks in early October.


After a rather restless night, I got up to a sunny morning and a much improved interior economy and after a quiet morning, I was back to normal by lunchtime and able to eat without any ill effects.

I didn’t take any risks though and did nothing more energetic than have a walk round the garden where Mrs Tootlepedal was hard at work.

The berberis was positively glowing….


…and the special Grandma was having a final fling.

special grandma

The display of rose hips is easily the best that I can remember and many roses that don’t usually have any are covered with them after the good summer.

rose hips

There is no denying that we are well on the way to winter though.

red leaf

It is good to have blackbirds back in the garden as they have been pretty scarce since July.


I didn’t stay out long and when the sun went in so did I, and I was soon back in the kitchen looking out of the window.

It was an extremely quiet day for birds.

lonely chaffinch

I haven’t been able to work out why the feeder can be mobbed one day and deserted the next.

Even the sight of plenty of available perches didn’t discourage some uncouth pushing and shoving.

pointless violence

After lunch, I tested my constitution and my leg by going for a short walk over three bridges.

As I came to the river, I could see glowing trees in a garden on the hillside opposite…

yellow trees

…and golden willows below me on the river bank.

willows beside esk

Wherever I looked on my walk, there always seemed to be a defiant patch of colour among the leafless branches.

autumn colour November

I was impressed by the careful relaying of turfs on the site of the big bonfire on Sunday.

bonfire patch

After I crossed my second bridge, I met a fellow camera club member walking his dog and spent my time chatting rather than snapping and it was only when we went our separate ways that I took the camera out again to record a little more late colour.

Lodge tree

I crossed my third bridge and made my way quietly home…

duchess bridge tree

…only pausing for a wild flower on the edge of the Scholars’ Field.

november wild flower

My leg is working but still sore and there is no chance of getting on my bike for a while yet but my constitution was unruffled by the walk so I was happy.

When I got back, Mrs Tootlepedal was busy watching a YouTube video on sharpening woodwork tools so I realised that she had left the garden and gone back to rocking horse restoration.  I settled down to put a couple more weeks of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database.  My lack of cycling may be regrettable but it has let me catch up (a bit) on the backlog of data.

My friend Susan wasn’t available to come to our monthly recorder group meeting today so I had to drive myself to Carlisle.  The effort was very worthwhile as we had an excellent evening of music.  One of other members was unwell so we were a quartet  tonight and this made for a change with some different music to play.

Having been 150 miles ahead of my mileage schedule at the beginning of October. I am now 200 miles behind and with no hope of catching up, I am officially abandoning any targets for the year and will take any miles that I can squeeze in as a bonus.

Once again there are two flying birds of the day, this time goldfinches, one with wings in…

flying goldfinch in

…and one with wings out.

flying goldfinch out

Variety is the spice of life.



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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

27 thoughts on “Putting on weight again

    1. Laryngitis is no fun and you can’t even complain to people about it because they can’t hear you. The bugs are all around all the time and we are just lucky if we can escape from them most of the time. 🙂

    1. It just shows how useful a camera is. I had probably never noticed one until I got a camera and decided to put up a bird feeder to give myself something to photograph.

  1. Some lovely pictures both in your garden and on your walk. Glad you are feeling better – hope you will soon be back on your bike, though it looks as if this may take some time.

  2. Nice color on the willows and other trees and shrubs and I’m glad you were able to get out and enjoy them.
    Too bad your leg made you miss out on your mileage goal but I’m still impressed by the huge amount of miles that you did ride.

  3. It’s distressing to hear that you have to give up on your goals for cycling, but as they say, stuff happens, and there’s no way that you could have known that you were going to injure your leg in advance of setting the goals.

    It’s nice to see the colors in the leaves that you have left there, and that you had a nice day for a walk. It’s snowing here already, a wet heavy snow pulling the few remaining leaves off from the trees.

      1. The snow on the ground will come and go, but there’ll be plenty of days when it snows from now to April. We don’t have as strong of a maritime weather pattern as you do, but it’s close.

      2. I am hoping to get no more than two or three snowy days (with accompanying sunshine) at the most this year. A man can dream.

  4. Autumn colours back, a lovely walk, feathered friends keeping busy and you are feeling better…all’s well in TP land…wish we could say the same for our country!

  5. I am pleased you are feeling better and I hope your leg continues to improve. It is a pity you won’t be able to achieve your cycling targets this year but I still hope you will eventually get back on your bike and have enough decent weather to add some miles to your tally.

    1. I am secretly hoping for a miracle cure but meantime I have put my old bike on a turbo trainer so that I can do some gentle pointless exercise indoors.

  6. That second shot of the goldfinch with wings out is impressive. I can’t get over how much more colorful your goldfinches are with those red faces. Ours get pretty drab in the winter and even in summer, they’re just yellow.

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