Grand Old Duke of Yorkery

Today’s guest picture comes from my Canadian correspondent Mary Jo.  She was on a long drive when she took this picture near McLean, Saskatchewan.They have had several foggy days with no wind, and the resultant hoar frost is spectacular.

canadian hoar frost

There was no frost here today but it was still pretty cool and with a brisk wind blowing, it took me a little time to get up the energy to put on my cycling gear and go for a pedal.

As it was, I battled into a 20 mph plus wind up to the top of Callister Hill and then it started to rain so I turned round and came home.  Still, I managed 12 miles in  almost exactly an hour of cycling so it was slow and short but still better than nothing.

I found Mike and Alison in the kitchen chatting to Mrs Tootlepedal when I got back.  Alison has had a recent fall and dislocated her shoulder so there won’t be any Friday evening sonatas for a while.  Under the circumstances, she was remarkably cheerful.

Not long after Mike and Alison left, Mrs Tootlepedal went off too.  She was going to enjoy  a Christmas lunch with her embroidery group at a local hotel.  I set up my camera on a tripod and watched the birds for a bit.  Traffic was slow and the light was poor but there is always something to enjoy.

I liked the sight of the chaffinch on the right looking out for incoming goldfinches.  As it is the panto season, I thought that I could hear a faint cry of “It’s behind you!”

chaffinch on the lookout

It was a day of goldfinches and chaffinches again for the most part…

chaffinches to and fro

…but I did spot a robin…

robin on chimney

…and we got a visit from a redpoll too.

redpoll and goldfinch

I was intending to go for an afternoon walk just to take a picture or two but the light was terrible and drizzly rain put me off so I just lounged around watching a combination of Call Me Madam with Ethel Merman and some rather dull English rugby on the telly.

Mrs Tootlepedal came back from her lunch, well fed and well pleased with the company and shortly afterwards, Mike arrived with an old electric fire of his which he is lending us to fill the gap left by gas fire which we have recently had removed.  There is a bewildering number of possibilities in the electric fire market so this will give us leisure to research the possibilities and keep warm at the same time.

Falling seems to be the fashionable thing at the moment as I learned that my sister Susan fell this morning and has broken a bone in her arm.  When I rang her up, she was remarkably up beat too but very, very cross.  I can sympathise with that.

Tomorrow, we have a church service in the morning followed bu a choir practice and then a practice followed by a concert in Carlisle in the afternoon.  An early bed is called for I think.

The flying bird of the day is chaffinch of no great distinction.

flying chaffinch




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20 thoughts on “Grand Old Duke of Yorkery

  1. Really sorry to hear Susan’s news. I have a call outstanding to Mary, and will hope to catch up then.
    What’s your thinking about replacing gas with electricity, given the relative costs of the fuels? (If you don’t mind my asking.)

    1. We haven’t calculated that but it shouldn’t be significant as we will only use the new fire as an occasional top up to our central heating. Our electricity supplier claims that all its supplies come from renewable sources so that is good..

  2. I’m very sorry to hear about your sister. I hope she heals well and quickly.
    I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing your robins. They’re a very cute bird, almost always with a look of innocence.
    My grandmother always said that everything bad happens in threes, so I hope both you and Mrs. T. will watch your steps.

  3. Sorry to hear about Alison and Susan both taking a nasty tumble. I hope they enjoy a quick recovery. On a lighter note, what a combination! Ethel Merman and rugby. The mind boggles!

  4. My granny said the same thing as New Hampshire’s, so you’d best avoid scampering over wet rocks in the middle of a beck to get a good shot as you did yesterday. Susan and Alison – speedy recovery to you both.

  5. I am sorry to hear that your sister fell and broke her arm, and that Alison has fallen, too. Wishing both a speedy recovery.

    Your robin also seems to be on the lookout for the goldfinches and their friends.

    A cold, misty morning here, down in the 30s. The lower level clouds are scudding along at a good clip. Grey is the color of the day.

  6. Sad to read of folk being injured and just before Christmas too…hope everyone has a swift recovery. Your cheeky robin photo is lovely.

  7. It’s sad to read about the medical issues your friend and sister are facing, especially this time of the year. I hope that their Christmas plans aren’t ruined, and that they both recover quickly from their injuries.

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