On the go

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew.  He came across this bright and cheerful ride on such a wet and miserable day that no one had taken up its invitation to have fun.


We had a sporadically wet and always grey day today but it was reasonably warm and the wind was light enough to make walking about not too bad.

This was lucky as we spent a lot of time walking around in Edinburgh.

I had time to look at the birds after breakfast before we left but there is till very little traffic and after four days, the feeder has hardly gone down at all…

fairly full feeder

…and only the odd chaffinch as about this morning.


The morning train to Edinburgh was just as late as the afternoon one usually is but there is enough slack in the timetable to let it get to Edinburgh more or less on time so we were there in plenty of time to visit a bookshop before we met our son Tony for lunch.

We walked up Castle Street to the coffee house.


It is closed to traffic at the moment as it has Christmas stalls in it and we were pleased to get off the crowded pavements of Princes Street.

We exchanged some presents with Tony and then drifted along George Street, doing some very light shopping and admiring the Christmas decorations as we went.



As we had a bit of time in hand, we drifted into John Lewis and escaped with nothing more expensive than a packet of envelopes.  Then we went on to visit Matilda who had been to to show with her nursery school.  Her parents had gone with her and enjoyed it as much, if not more, than Matilda.

We had a good time playing at camping in the sitting room under a blanket and there was a good deal of hiding behind a door and saying, “Boo!” very loudly as an elderly gentleman snoozed on the couch.  How we laughed.

The visit ended as always with an excellent meal provided by Matilda’s father who is a first rate cook.

The train home was punctual and the drive from Lockerbie uneventful.

I almost got a flying bird of the day this morning but not quite.

almost flying chaffinch

Note:  I looked at the scientific rain gauge this morning and had to empty it out as it was registering five inches and was full.  I think that represents two weeks of rain but it might be three.  The countryside is beginning to look rather soggy.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

14 thoughts on “On the go

      1. Haven’t been to one yet – peak is January – but streams of the birds go past my window on the way to roost in the evenings. Then back the other way in the morning, two or three dozen deciding in and around my garden is a good place to stop for the day.

  1. Sounds like a good day. My family plays a similar snoozing elderly man game. They are currently playing a variation on that one where I ask for a cup of tea and they say they can’t hear me.

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