Playing the game

Today’s guest picture comes from Matilda’s father, Al.  He took her, her mother and some of her Christmas guests to see the light show at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens where they entered the cathedral of light.

cathedral of light

There was not much light of any sort in Langholm this morning when I set out after breakfast for a relatively early bike ride.  It was warm (8°C) but grey and although I could just see my favourite tree when I went over the hill at the Bloch…

misty tree at bloch

…I couldn’t see much at all if I looked at the other side of the road.

no view at Bloch

Under the circumstances, I kept my camera in my pocket for the rest of the trip and concentrated on trying to get my legs to be more co-operative.  They were in a bolshie mood though and I couldn’t even get my average up to 13 mph.

All the same, I was very pleased to be cycling on a relatively warm and quiet day in December so I wasn’t grumbling.

I was a bit annoyed though when the sun came out not long after I got home.

The chaffinches seemed pleased.

busy chaffinches

cheerful chaffinch

But once again there weren’t many of them about and those that did come, didn’t stay long.

A few sparrows graced the feeder….

three sparrows

…though not all of them were in prime condition.

scruffy sparrow

I couldn’t hang around to watch the birds or go for a walk in the sun because it was the day to go to Edinburgh to visit Matilda and her other grandparents.

The train was late as usual and to make matters worse, it was absolutely full before the fifty people waiting on the platform at Lockerbie got on so we had to stand in cramped conditions for the hour it took to get to Edinburgh.

We had plenty of fun when we got there, playing two board games with Matilda and doing a jigsaw puzzle too before her other grandparents arrived.

Then there was a dancing display and an evening meal before it was time to catch the train home.  This one was on time and had plenty of seats so the journey home was a marked improvement on the journey up.

All the same, it was quite a tiring day so I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

The flying bird of the day is one of those busy chaffinches.

flying chaffinch


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27 thoughts on “Playing the game

  1. I find it sad to think that somewhere in that crowded train there wasn’t anyone willing to give up a seat. I know you’re both fitter than the average bear (as some are wont to say here), but still . . . tsk.

    1. We have decided to take it as a compliment….and the train was so crowded that maybe they wouldn’t have been able to leave their seats even if they had wanted to.

  2. Sorry about the train, we were more fortunate than you, two of us being offered seats and Mary getting one after two people got off at the next but one station. The train an hour before ours was so crowded no one was able to get on!

  3. The age of chivalry has definitely departed when it comes to seats on public transport, that is for sure. I feel for that tatty sparrow…many’s the morning I stumble around looking like that😊

  4. The guest picture of the cathedral of light is impressive! I am happy you got to spend some time with Matilda. I look forward to seeing my grandies in a few days.

  5. Your blog serves as a good reminder to never rely on the rail system there in Scotland. 😉 I’m glad that you had a good time despite what had to have been a rotten trip.

  6. The guest picture was amazing. I had to study it for a moment to make out the silhouettes of people entering. That added to the lovely effect. But, oh! that poor little sparrow. Perhaps a bit of preening is in order? 😏

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