A helping hand

Today’s guest picture comes from son Tony who has been shooting at the moon with his new camera.  Unfortunately the copy that he sent me is undersized but it still looks good.


Mrs Tootlepedal is taking the colour pattern for her crochet blanket from a website which posts the design for the next fifteen rows each week so she was pleased to have finished this week’s ration before the next lot came on line.


She will need to grow bigger arms for next week’s shot.

There is not much in the way of a post today as we got up well before dawn to got to Edinburgh to try to be of assistance to Matilda’s father and mother as they took the final steps in moving house today.  Their new house is not yet ready so they had a complicated scheme of putting some things in store and taking some things to a flat where they are camping until the new house is ready.

This meant a lot of filling of boxes and trips in the car to the store and the flat and part of our duties was to keep Matilda entertained while this was going on.

We went to a cafe for beans on toast and then armed warfare broke out.

Matilda ready for battle….


…and grandpa ready to resist.


It was all go out there.


Mrs Tootlepedal was the official, war correspondent who took the pictures.

Then Matilda went to nursery and we helped her parents pack, tidy and clean before we had the privilege of collecting Matilda from nursery and bringing her home.

Mrs Tootlepedal did great work on fridge defrosting and cleaning while I played Pelmanism and snap with Matilda as the work went on.  We were using a pack of cats and kittens cards for our game and I made the acquaintance of the Maine Coon, a cat that I had never heard of but which I find really does exist.

We all had fun and in the end there was only one carload left to go by the time that we had to leave to catch our train home.

We arrived home nearly 15 hours after we had left, tired but satisfied.

No chance of a flying bird at all.



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33 thoughts on “A helping hand

  1. Mrs. Tootlepedal’s blanket look very nice. Yes, she will have to grow longer arms. 🙂

    Matilda is growing taller!

    Our Lucio cat is a Norwegian Forest Cat, which people tell me are in the lineage of the Maine Coon Cat.

  2. Tell Ali I am very impressed with the progress of the blanket, it looks great. I have passed on the details of the crochet blog to another friend who is learning to crochet, I thought it might inspire her.

  3. What an exhausting day with a longish drive in the dark to end with. Hope the trains were on time at least.Lovely pictures of you and Matilda, well done the photographer.

  4. Mrs. T’s blanket is gorgeous, you’re posting of her progress brings back very fond memories of my Mom who crocheted all the time, I still have things she made. As to yours & Matilda’s battle, I say “touche”!

  5. A busy day! So good you could help. And, yes, Maine Coon cats do indeed exist. They are big, beautiful cats who usually have mellow personalities. We have never had a pure-bred, but we have had cats that were part Maine Coon, and they had beautiful plume tails, which were held high and proud.

  6. Amazing work in the blanket…where does Mrs T find time to do all her activities? Hope your son gets up early on Monday to take eclipse photos of the moon! Pleased to see that Matilda had her health and safety head gear on against her ferocious assailant! Our cat, Rufus, is a Maine Coon- he is very large and a delightful pet.

  7. An exhausting day for all of you, but no doubt enjoyable. It’s a pity how it seems that there’s always a glitch in the moving chain – so much extra work. I like the idea of the pattern being released in stages – the blanket is a glory of colour, and it surprises me not in the least that Mrs. T. is able to produce it!

    1. She has taken to crochet well but feels that she will need to sharpen up her skills a bit before her work is up to a high standard. The blanket is a learning process.

  8. I’m guessing you scared all the birds away with that outbreak of outbreak warfare. What a fun grandpa you are. Mrs T’s blanket almost makes me want to break out the crochet hooks, but then blogging and photography might have to take a back seat. Perhaps you left all the fun stuff to Mrs T with the cleaning and defrosting? 😉

  9. Matilda is a lucky grandchild. When she is her age, she’ll be telling her friends and family how very wonderful her grandparents were. I know, because I think of my wonderful grandma every day.

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