Getting the picture

Today’s guest picture is another from the eternally sunlit shore at East Wemyss.  Tony is making really good use of his dog walking time.

east wemyss seaside trees

We had a chilly (3°C) but kindly day with a very gentle wind and no rain.  The sun didn’t appear so it was dull but all the same we could have no complaints about this weather for a January day.

I am trying to get my foot back into working order and oddly enough, doing some hip exercises seems to be improving things a lot.  This proves the truth of the old song…The hipbone’s connected to the thighbone…etc, etc.

Sandy came round to combine a cup of coffee with some archive group business.  He has been suffering from sore feet and knees which is why we haven’t been on any walks lately but he tells me that he has got medical appointments in the pipeline so he is hoping for useful help.

When he left, I went for a walk round the garden with Mrs Tootlepedal.  She pointed out this…

lichen on lawn

…which may look like a jungle but is in fact moss, lichen and some blades of grass in what passes for the middle lawn at the moment.

More lichen is available in every corner of the garden.

lichen on elder

Much to my surprise, the perennial wallflower has cocked a snook at the recent frosts and produced another flower…

perennial wallflower january

…and even more amazingly, one of the the ordinary wallflowers is in the process of producing a bunch of flowers.

first wallflower

The winter jasmine continues to flourish.

winter jasmin january

The birds were rather few and far between again today, with just the occasional chaffinch…

chaffinch landing

…and some of which at least had the sense to head for separate perches today…


…and the even more occasional sparrow.

sparrow on gfeeder

I had some sardines on toast for lunch and then tested out my foot on a very short, flat walk.

The gulls were taking things easily too…

gulls on posts

…while the mallards couldn’t agree on a common destination.

ducks diverging

Fed up with standing on fence posts, one gull took to a rock in the river.

gull on rock

It was, as one passer by remarked to me, a very plain sort of day and I didn’t see anything worth recording until I came to a football match on the Scholars’ Field.

Thanks to the dull light, it was easier to take picture while the players were standing around waiting for the ball to arrive…

football on scholars standing

…than it was when they were running around chasing after it.

football on scholars moving

Before lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal and I had spent some time tidying out the garage and when I got home, I found that the rocking horse had taken up residence there.  This is so that Mrs Tootlepedal can cover it with gesso before painting it.   The gesso process which involves size (rabbit skin glue), is a smelly and potentially messy business so the garage seems the best place for it.

rocking horse in garage

For those interested, a description of the gesso process can be found here.

After a cup of tea and some music practice, we went off to Carlisle to go to the pictures.  We haven’t been to the films for some time so this was a treat for Mrs Tootlepedal who really likes going to the cinema.  We found that in Carlisle at least, ticket prices had gone down a lot since our last visit and at £5 each, the cinema chain must be making most of its money by selling its customers vast buckets of very unappetising looking food.  We went hungry.

The film we saw is called The Favourite and is about the court of Queen Anne in 1708.  It is described in Wikipedia as a “historical period comedy-drama”.  It was very well acted and the settings and costumes were impressive but since its message seemed to me to be that all women are either old and ugly and helpless or young, beautiful and horrible and that politicians are generally rather nasty selfish people, it seemed to chime with a rather Trumpian view of the world and I didn’t much like it.  It was extremely coarse which was amusing at first as an antidote to refined period dramas on TV but which got a bit wearing as time went on.  Finally, either ideas or money ran out and the film just stopped without any resolution.

Still, as they say, it was a day out and a change.

I just manage to collect a flying chaffinch of the day.

chaffinches landing


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34 thoughts on “Getting the picture

  1. Interesting to read your view on ‘The Favourite’. I believe it’s tipped for some awards! I am due to see it at my local not-for-profit cinema quite shortly.

  2. Nice shots of the lichens and nice to see the flowers. It’s snowing here.
    I couldn’t sit through anything that hinted at a Trumpian view of the world.
    I used to restore old picture frames that had a lot of gesso decorations but I never was able to work with actual gesso. It sounds dificult.

    1. I think it is probably more tedious than difficult but time will tell.

      We had the merest touch of snow on our hills yesterday but it soon vanished.

  3. Sensible, true comments about the film but bet it wins an Oscar now! Love the guest photo..are they oil rigs on the horizon? Funny how a ‘wallflower’ person is shy but in the garden they are the centre of attraction and bring colour now when we all need it!

  4. The film sounds like one to give a miss. Thanks for your honest review as that seems to be a thing of the past…or I am just incredibly out of step? We recently watched a movie that had utterly scooped the awards (too embarrassed to name it as the rest of the human race apparently loved it) … I just didnt “get it”…must be La La…oops…now Ive gone and given it away😊

    1. My own feeling about that unnamed film exactly. I thought it was pretty dull throughout. The Favourite was funny if you like bad language and visually interesting so I wouldn’t want to put you off entirely. I am an old grump when it comes to films. I just thought that the script was going nowhere.

  5. been looking at maps of south west Scotland planning and dreaming of an Easter tour – all being well – saw where Langholm lies. Nice to know. Hope that foot heals soon

  6. I’ve said for years that most films these days are aimed at teenagers, any one expecting an intelligent film is probably going to be disappointed.

    But, at least the rest of your day was a good one judging from the images that you shot.

  7. I like your review of the movie, Tom. This sounds like one that I would have no trouble missing. We rarely go to the cinema these days unless it’s to take the grandkids to see something.

  8. I hadn’t thought to apply the term ‘Trumpian’ to the current era. I expect it won’t become anything complementary.

    1. The most Trumpian thing about politics these days is that people have learned that they can lie and then deny that they have lied without any consequences as long as they have enough media backing.

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