Clubbing together

Today’s guest picture is another from Tony’s seaside views.  This one was taken on his phone.

another wemyss view

Today’s post may be a little more incoherent than usual because I had a restless night.  The forecast had been for cloudy skies so I went to bed without making any preparations to view the much talked about supermoon.  In the event, guided by fate, I woke up and decided that it might be worth pulling back the curtains and was amazed and delighted to find a clear sky and the shadow of the earth just beginning to fall on the left side of the moon.

I scuttled about trying to shoot handheld shots while collecting my tripod and working out apertures, focusing and shutter speeds. I woke up Mrs Tootlepedal too with some trepidation but she was grateful to see the unfolding lunar drama.

I took many, many shots but ended up with just a few usable efforts showing the eclipse starting, the red moon at the full eclipse and the gradual brightening as time went by.  The first of these shots was taken at 3.28 am and the last at 5.53 am and I have to admit that I may have dropped off from time to time between taking them.

red moon

It was well worth the interruption to my sleep to see such a sight.

I got up late and found that a crisp frost had the garden in its grip.  Under the circumstances, I was happy to have a quiet morning in doing nothing more energetic than walking to the shop 200 yards away and putting some bread ingredients in the bread maker.

I looked at the birds and found that chaffinches were having a hard time landing. One was just hanging on…

chaffinch hanging on

…and this one missed the perches altogether.

chaffinch missing perch

Occasionally they got it right.

chaffinch hitting perch

I was encouraged in idleness by small outbreaks of snow.

snow falling

However, the snow came to nothing and the robin popped up to pose for me.

robin on arm of chair

In the end, since the snow had stopped I went for a walk to keep my foot mobile.  It was gloomy but dry so I set off with hope in my heart if not with a spring in my step.

However, I had just passed some attractive catkins….

long catkins

…when it started to drizzle.

I cut short any thoughts of interesting places and took the shortest route home.

stubholm track

By now, it was raining quite steadily so after a look down to see the Mission Hall where the camera club would be meeting in the evening…

mission hall community centre

…I limped home as fast as I could. The colourful backs of the ambulances outside the Hall, which has an ambulance service base in it, were by far the brightest thing to be seen anywhere.

Mike Tinker dropped in for tea and offered some sound rocking horse advice and then Mrs Tootlepedal prepared a magnificent dish of cauliflower cheese while I entertained young Luke for some fluting duets.  It was one of those evenings when we both realised that more practice would have been a good thing before the lesson.

After tea, I went off to set up the projector and screen for the camera club meeting.  Luckily the members are very helpful so we were soon ready and ten members enjoyed a really excellent selection of pictures.  Seven of us had brought in selections to show and  as there was no theme this month, we had a fine mish-mash of pictures from Africa, continental Europe, the southern borders of Scotland and the heart of Langholm.

As usual ideas and experiences were swapped over tea and biscuits at half time so the meeting went well and we all look forward to meeting again next month.

Mrs Tootlepedal had some fun during the day applying her first ever coats of gesso to the rocking horse.  It was a voyage into the unknown and it didn’t go quite as well as she might have hoped but it turned out that that was probably down to the fact that the temperature in the garage where she was working was too low for proper drying of the layers.  The horse is back indoors now and looking a lot better for a bit of warmth.  I hope to have a picture of progress tomorrow.

There are two eager flying birds of the day today, a sparrow for a bit of a change…

flying sparrow

… and a chaffinch for some continuity.

flying chaffinch

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37 thoughts on “Clubbing together

  1. Limping home in the rain sounds like no fun at all. However, attending a camera club meeting does, something that I hope to be able to do once I’m retired and no longer have to deal with a work schedule that precludes it.

    The same goes for your wonderful images of the moon. I had thought about taking my camera and tripod with me as the eclipse happened while I was stopped to drop off and deliver the mail, but it was cloudy where I was stopped so I couldn’t see the moon at all. It was clear most of the way there, and most of the way back, so I did see the full moon, but not the eclipse.

  2. It looks as if your catkins are opening already. That makes me anxious to see ours doing the same.
    Thanks for taking photos of the eclipse. It was dangerously cold here last night so I missed it. I’m wondering if I could have sat in a warm car and done it, but that expiriment will have to wait two years.
    Nice to see the robin. I wish I knew what it is about them that makes them seem so cute.

    1. The cute robin is a mystery but for some reason it is undoubtedly a little star. I hope that you get a better day for a moon shot when the time comes as it was worth looking at.

  3. The moon images are beautiful! It was overcast and rained most of the night here, so wee missed it. We have clear skies tonight, so at least I will see the full moon. Things here will be in the grip of frost by morning.

    I hope your foot feels better soon.

  4. Excellent moon photos, I am glad you got to see it – too cloudy here. Very atmospheric shot from Tony too.

  5. Lucky you, I too woke up, hopped out to see it and nothing so disappointed,funny thing was that it was quite bright outside.

  6. Wonderful moon photos! Well worth being a bit bleary today for. Best wishes to Mrs T and her rockinghorse project ( the gesso process sounds very involved). Many’s the time I have had that sudden clunk of realisation that, no matter how hard I wish, the patron saint of slack music students was not going to have my back 😊

  7. Thanks for observing the eclipse for us. I was too tired after a tedious evening celebrating a birthday. Meseems that you by now better call the tootling lessons with Luke tootling sessions.

  8. Brilliant moon photos followed by a very busy day…it’s hard to keep up with all you get up to! Love the bright eyed robin and the lamb’s tail catkins and the guest photo is another favourite! Taken on his phone too!

  9. Wonderful Super Moon shots, I agree well worth getting up for to capture as well as see it live. My plans were foiled with clouds and gale winds. Thank you for sharing yours!

  10. Our cloud cover was so thick there was no moon to be seen. I wasn’t too terribly disappointed since it was chilly. Your lovely images more than made up for missing the event.

    1. The news programmes were full of artfully staged pictures from all over the world so I didn’t get too puffed up with mine but I did enjoy being up to see the event happen in real time and get a record of it for the blog.

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