King size entertainment

It was a day of undiluted fun in London.

There was time to read the Sunday papers before we met up with my sisters Susan and Mary and stepmother Patricia for an early lunch at a French cafe in Camden Town.

Then Mrs Tootlepedal and I caught the tube from the legendary Mornington Crescent underground station down to Leicester Square to go to a film gala at the lavishly refurbished Odeon cinema.

When we arrived, Joe Cornish, the writer and director of the film, was being interviewed in front of a lively crowd.

He is our daughter Annie’s partner and they had kindly fixed up plum tickets for us to see Joe’s new film…

… The Kid Who Would Be King.

After testing out our seats…

.. which were quite comfortable and admiring the enormous screen….

… we met up with Annie…

… and milled around in the foyer goggling at stars of stage and screen.

Then we enjoyed the film itself, which collected a rousing ovation from the audience when it finished.

The amount of work and creative effort, not to mention the money, that goes into making a feature film is almost unimaginable so it is a great relief when the end product is as much good solid exciting fun as this film was to watch.

We were immensely proud of Joe.

As an added bonus, after all the film fun was over, we got a chauffeur driven car to take us to our next engagement which was a choral evensong at the church which my sisters attend.

The music was provided by a professional choir of four singers who were very accomplished and as one of the lessons was read by my sister Susan and the sermon was short and very much to the point, the whole service was most satisfactory.

It was followed by yet another meal out with my sisters, this time in an Italian restaurant.

We will definitely be needing a lie down when we get back to Langholm tomorrow!

What a great day thanks to all concerned and special congratulations to Joe for providing such an enjoyable film.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

39 thoughts on “King size entertainment

  1. How interesting it must be to take part in such an event – especially when you are so close to those responsible for the reason for the whole thing!

  2. So exciting! And oh my gosh! Clif and I have seen “The Kid Who Would Be King” and liked it very, very much. We have even been recommending it to family and friends. How about that? So fun to learn that your daughter Annie’s partner was the writer/director. Made my evening.

      1. On another one of your posts, I wrote a little more about Joe Cornish. But yes, my son-in-law and daughter very much enjoyed “The Kid Who Would be King.” I can well imagine that a lot of work went into making it. Anyway, we are all fans of Joe Cornish. 😉 Never knew how closely he was connected with you.

  3. I saw a trailer for this film and hope to see it someday if it ever makes it here to our boonies. It looked to be a good one! Annie must be very proud. Lucky you for the VIP treatment.

  4. What a wonderful day for you both. Will have to show the film at The Buccleuch Centre but we cannot provide seats like those. Congratulations to Joe.

  5. How wonderful and what a fantastic weekend for everyone! Such a truly exciting and different weekend from normal…loved reading about it all and seeing the great photos.

  6. Congratulations on being a VIP for a day. The cinema seating appeared rather smarter than our local Showcase in Derby. The townhouses you photographed in Camden looked to me to be similar to those seen in the Mediterranean.

    1. No. This one is a film writer and director, who in times past with his friend Adam Buxton presented the Adam and Joe show opn TV and a radio show on BBC 6Music.

  7. My daughter and I have been watching the trailers on TV and had planned to see the film when it gets here eventually. Congratulations to Joe and of course, Annie. What a very busy day you had!

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