Under the rainbow

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Alistair and shows the indomitable Matilda scootering to infinity and back.

Matilda scootering

It is a rather hasty post tonight as it is late as I write this after a full day.

The weather gods relented and let me get out for a dry cycle ride today.  Perhaps they were fearful that if they rained on me again, I might go over to the dark side and take up cycling indoors.

Two days ago I passed a rook playing king of the castle, today it was bullocks.

cattle king of the mountain

Although I had a good day for a pedal, it was quite chilly and there were still clouds about which led me to having a few nervous backward glances…

Bloch view with cloud

…though the clouds made a good backdrop for my favourite tree…

Bloch tree

…and stayed away fro most of the journey.

As we were going to Edinburgh in the afternoon, I didn’t have time to take many pictures while I went round my 20 mile Canonbie circuit but as I have been short of bridges lately, I stopped for this one at Irvine House.

Irvine Hosue bridge

Mrs Tootlepedal had made soup for lunch and as I waited for it to finish cooking, I noticed a bird showing that I had had to deal with quite a brisk breeze while I had been cycling.

fluffly flying chaffinch

Mostly the birds consisted of chaffinches looking down at other birds.

supervising chaffinch 3supervising chaffinch 2supervising chaffinch 1

In the garden, a bit of sunshine had persuaded a crocus to come out.

early crocus

More colour is provided by cotoneaster berries on the wall of the house.  I don’t know why they aren’t attractive to birds.

cotoneaster berry

After lunch, we drove over to Lockerbie and caught the train (ten minutes late) to Edinburgh.  The weather was lovely as we whizzed along but once again the hills seemed to be attracting the clouds.

Tinto hill from train

When we got to Edinburgh, we caught a bus down to the flat where Matilda and Co are staying until their new house is ready and on the way, we caught a glimpse of a fine rainbow over the Edinburgh rooftops.

rainbow in Edinburgh

Once at Matilda’s, I had a chastening time being thrashed at Pelmanism and Snap by the diminutive demon.  In my defence we were using very small cards with very small pictures on them and her eyesight is much sharper than mine.

We had another excellent Persian meal for our tea and then Matilda demonstrated a dance routine that she is learning for a possible dance school competition.  When I think how hard it is for me to learn new songs, I can only marvel at her ability to remember complicated moves after only one lesson.

I took a picture of the National Gallery in Princes Street when we got off the bus back to the station.  The fine frontage is usually covered with banners advertising exhibitions so it was good to see it almost as the architect intended for once.

National nGallery

The train home was on time and a very tricky crossword meant the the journey flashed by.  The drive home was comfortable with no rain, snow, ice or fog.

As an added bonus, Sandy sent me a message to say that Joe had appeared on a television show talking about his film earlier in the evening and we were able to watch it on catch-up when we got in.

That rounded off a cheerful day.

I have a gender balanced flying bird of the day portfolio today.

Ladies first.

flying chaffinch febflying chaffinch

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

38 thoughts on “Under the rainbow

  1. The road in the third photo looks like a wonderful place to cycle. I don’t like cycling on roads with lots of traffic, but if the one in your photo stays as quiet as it looks I think I would love to explore it.

    1. The roads are quiet enough but they are not in very good condition. I have to keep a sharp eye out for potholes which takes some of the fun out of cycling on a road bike.

  2. And you likely enjoyed seeing the indomitable Matilda win far more than wishing to win yourself! How lovely that you get to visit her as often as you do! I very much liked the backdrop for your favourite tree…

  3. It will be a little while before I see crocus blooms. Just the tips of green leaf shoots, maybe about an inch high today.

    Your countryside is beautiful in sun or rain, and your birds full of personality. Your chaffinch getting blown sideways in the wind was a good catch.

  4. Your comment about the cotoneaster berries is interesting for they are happily devoured by birds here, so much so that they have spread the plants far and wide so that it has been declared an ‘invasive alien’, meaning that one should get rid of them in some parts of the country and in others may not plant any new ones.

  5. What show was Joe on please?
    I echo Anne’s comment about cotoneaster berries. Perhaps the birds have plenty else to eat,. Here they are among the last natural food to go.

  6. Well done managing a bicycle ride and a visit to Edinburgh. Matilda looks good, scootering along.
    Managed to see Joe on catch up television, as a friend kindly rang to tell me.

  7. Pathetic excuse about the small cards-admit it she’s better than you! However, as yet she can’t take wonderful photos or write witty responses. Quite impressed with all those chimney pots on that roof.

  8. “diminutive demon” – get used to it Grandad.

    Meanwhile my kids beat me at everything and my father (dementia Dad, if we’re going for the alliteration) continues to thrash me at dominoes.

    It’s a hard life. 🙂

      1. I played a lot with Dropscone at one time. We used to drive around the borders playing in seniors tournaments because we could get a round for £10 in a competition which would have cost us £25 or more just to play by ourselves.

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