Short of both sunshine and an instant cure

Today’s guest picture is another look at the supersized crazy golf course in Nottingham.  My brother Andrew passed it on his way to classes at the university.

nottingham golf

I was hoping for a bright day today so that I could take some seaside picture when I went to visit my physio who lives on the Solway coast.  There has been a lot of loose talk lately about a ridge of high pressure with warm temperatures and sunny skies but wherever that was taking place, it wasn’t here.  We were stubbornly stuck in single figures, under very grey skies and blasted by stiff winds.

The opportunity to sit indoors in the morning and admire the birds at the feeder was scuppered by two fly throughs from the sparrowhawk with the result that birds were very few and far between…

chaffinch behind feeder

…and mostly hiding when they did arrive.

I walked round the garden but there was not a lot to see.  The winter aconites are trying to open out…

winter aconites

…and the new sarcococca is doing well.


But that was it.

In the absence of interesting birds or flowers, I went off and did some singing practice in disgust and then after an early lunch, we set out to combine the visit to the physio with some shopping.

I picked up a big bag of economically priced bird seed on the way to visit a garden centre near Carlisle.  Once we got there, Mrs Tootlepedal acquired some interesting seed potatoes and an azalea and I purchased a selection of cheeses.

Then we headed off to Annan where I had intended to do some more shopping and take a picture or two.  Unfortunately, the middle of the town was clogged up with road works so we gave up and drove out to Powfoot…

powfoot cotttages

…. to see the sea.  It was gloomy but a dog was having fun…

dog walkers powfoot

…which may have helped to account for the complete absence of any interesting sea birds…

solway on a grey day

…although the sharp eyed Mrs Tootlepedal did spot a lone lapwing.

I missed the lapwing and took a picture of some seaside gorse instead.

gorse at powfoot

The visit to the physio was useful and interesting but did not in the short term do anything to ease my foot troubles.  She thinks the pain may well stem from injury to the tendons in my ankle as it is swollen.  She wiggled my foot in many directions and was unable to find any other cause so that may well be the right answer.  Unfortunately this means that I will have to wait for ‘time, the great healer’ to do his work but she did say that gentle but regular exercise is prescribed so that cheered me up.

She has put a tape down the back of my calf and along the bottom of my foot to give me some support so I shall try a little walk tomorrow and see how it goes.

I picked up a few walnuts in the garden today and found one or two ripe ones which Mrs Tootlepedal ate.  She said they were very sweet. It is a pity that I don’t like nuts with so many lying around.  This one seemed appropriate for St Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

walnut hearts

In the evening, I went off to the Langholm choir where we had an enjoyable evening of singing.  Our current set of songs are tuneful and not too hard which is just what I need at the moment.

While I have been idling about over the past weeks, Mrs Tootlepedal has been very busy.

She has got the first covering of undercoat onto the rocking horse….

rocking horse repairs paint

…and has been very busy with her crochet hook.

crochet blanket

The main body of the blanket is now complete and she is waiting to get the instructions for finishing it off with a border.

The winds are due to ease off over the next couple of days so I hope to get out on the bicycle again.  A little sunshine would help.

The supply of flying birds was very poor today and this was the only one that I captured on camera.

flying chaffinch



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39 thoughts on “Short of both sunshine and an instant cure

  1. I’m guessing a certain little girl will be riding the rocking horse, which looks like it will be smooth as glass.
    I thought she might get a warm blanket as well.
    I hope the new instructions for the foot are helpful. I’ve never heard of the tape. The instructions for excersize are encouraging.

  2. I’ve found that taping works wonders for plantar fasciitis and achilles tendon problems. The extra support always makes things feel stronger. I hope it works as well for your foot and ankle pain.

  3. Sorry the physio wasn’t able to provide a miracle cure. The blanket and the horse are both looking very promising indeed.

  4. Interesting that tape may help your problem, I hope it works well for you. Glad the choir was fun, nothing like a good sing for lifting the spirits.

  5. Well done Mrs T with such a splendid horse and blanket.
    Sympathies about the foot – hope at least you get some sunshine in the near future.

  6. I believe we in the Midlands have benefited most from the High pressure and sunshine, Such is the human condition, I find it concerning! Delighted to see the Incredible translucent appearing horse. A true monument to patience, As always a much appreciated “blog”

      1. Never heard the term “egging the pudding” before. Oh, the things I learn from my blogging friends. 😉 To me, the ocean is always beautiful.

  7. The rocking horse is coming on a treat and so too the blanket and perfectly timed to be finished before gardening becomes a full time occupation again…when your weather warms up! The beach photo is particularly lovely and the nuts are a perfect pair for today!

  8. Strangely enough I was just thinking of Annan. I’m planning my post-Brexit strategy around getting a Scottish passport as my great-great grandfather came from Annan. It’s the best I can do as none of my forebears had the foresight to be Irish.

    Nice walnut photo. 🙂

      1. I fear you are right. The son of someone I used to work with has sent his wife and kids back from the Gulf to establish their residence in Scotland so they can get free University education. It’s the first time the kids have been to Scotland! The word “Carpetbaggers” comes to mind.

      2. I prefer ‘sensible’. As you doubtless know, when the Angles came to Britain, all the acute ones went to Scotland and the obtuse ones stayed in the south.

  9. Pity our gorse isn’t as well behaved as yours. Somehow, it seems to have taken over miles of land, spread like wildfire and pushed out much of the native vegetation here.

    1. I gather it is a pest. It’s a pity as it is a good looking bush and provides flowers over a long time. It can get a bit invasive here too but nothing like yours.

      1. I have no knowledge about the answer to your question but I would imagine that they are the same plant. A very alarming link. I shall look at gorse with a new eye.

  10. I hope your physiotherapist is correct in her diagnosis, and that Time the Great Healer will work quickly in your case.

    I am continually in awe of Mrs. Tootlepedal. 🙂

  11. Mrs. T has certainly been busy. I look forward to seeing the finished blanket and rocking horse with eager anticipation. I was sorry to hear that your foot is taking such a long time to get better, Tom, but I guess some things just can’t be rushed.

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