Loud wind, quiet day

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by her father, shows Matilda in pensive mood earlier this week.  As she was in Ireland at the time, maybe she was pondering the tricky Irish border question.

pensive Matilda

After yesterday’s glorious sunshine, we were back to grey and windy weather today.  It was theoretically quite a warm day with the thermometer showing a mellow 11°C but any warmth was utterly dependent on keeping out of  the very chilly wind.  As it was one of those winds that follow you round corners and blow up your trouser legs and down the back of your shirt, it was hard to get away from it.  I stayed indoors a lot.

I spent the morning reading the papers, doing the crossword and looking out of the window as chaffinches approached the feeder.

chaffunch landing

A goldfinch looked to be in line for a surprise.

chaffinch coming up on goldfinch

I was pleased to see a siskin among the birds on the perches…

busy feeder with a siskin

….and doubly pleased to see two.

busy feeder with two siskin

I had enjoyed my pain free bike ride yesterday so I resolved to see how walking went today and after lunch, I set off to walk about a mile to see how things were.

I nodded to a new daffodil doing its best to come out in the garden…

new daffodil

…and took a route that I hoped would take me past some water side birds.

I soon saw an oyster catcher…

one oyster catcher

…and then two more…

two oyster catchers

…and finally, three in a row.

three oyster catchers

One oyster catcher looks remarkably like another one to the untrained eye so I can’t tell if it was just the same birds flying about…

flying oyster catchers

…and landing in front of me or six separate birds.

Among the oyster catchers, a herring gull stood out.


The walk was a great success as far as seeing birds went but it was a failure in terms of foot comfort so I cut it as short as I could and went home, passing the bush of pink snowberries beside the river on my way.  I love their Sunday name: Symphoricarpos.

pink snowberries

Mrs Tootlepedal had been busy in the garden while I was tottering about and she took me round to see the useful tidying up that she had accomplished.  Among other things, she had cleared some infected leaves from the hellebores and that gave me a photo opportunity which I took.


Once back indoors, I settled down to work on choir songs and when it came to tea time, I made myself a dish of kidneys in a spicy wine, pepper and mushroom sauce on a bed of rice and followed that up with some semolina pudding for both of us.  The day might have been a bit disappointing but the evening meal saved it from disaster.

The flying bird is an eager looking goldfinch.

flying goldfinch


Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

27 thoughts on “Loud wind, quiet day

    1. I have always liked kidneys but I can quite appreciate why other do not. There is an unmistakable odour about them during the cooking…hence the sauce.

      1. Strangely, as a little girl I loved kidneys, which my grandma cooked for breakfast. But by the time I was in school, I couldn’t abide the smell. I loved my gram a lot so that is probably why I tried them.

  1. A fine selection of photos from today, and my favorite is the one of the three oyster catchers. That is an eager goldfinch in your last photo. 🙂

    I am sorry your foot did not do so well today.

    Matilda could just as well be pondering recent events over here. 🙂

  2. Matilda looks a little winded. I hope she plays hard.
    It’s nice to see a hellebore again. It’ll be great to see them here around Easter,
    Too bad that foot seems to have a mind of its own but I’d guess it will better iself. Healing can take time.

  3. Lovely picture of Matilda.

    Sorry about your foot, but you got some excellent pictures of the oyster catchers and herring gull..

  4. The trio of oyster catchers and the flying goldfinch photos are wonderful…..a talented photographer and chef by all accounts!

  5. A grand description of the perils of windy weather – perhaps tying string around you legs just under the knee might help. It stops rats so it may work for wind.

    I love kidneys, and liver, Julia doesn’t. I am therefore not allowed to cook them. Life can be hard for a man who marries a woman of good taste. I think my proposal caught her unawares…

  6. No doubt Matilda is pondering various aspects of Brexit. As for our country…Lavinia gets it exactly right. I think we have arrived at the point that things are so ridiculous that satire is impossible. But those oyster catchers sure were a cheering sight. What striking birds!

    1. They are amazingly noisy so the riverside householders have mixed feelings when they reappear each spring. The birds do a lot of screaming in the middle of the night.

  7. Matilda does look like a deep thinker.

    I’ve heard oyster catchers and I don’t think I’d want them moving in nearby. Luckily they tend to prefer being closer to the ocean (near as I can tell).

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