Solo singing

Today’s guest picture comes from Mary Jo’s visit to Vancouver  and shows that they have silly cars there as well as silly buildings.  By the time that you make a car this small, you would be better off on an electric bicycle.  I might get into such a car but I don’t think that I would ever be able to get out again.

vancouver car

Mrs Tootlepedal was already up and about this morning when I got up but she wasn’t feeling well enough to sing in the church choir so I went off on my own.  Once again we had a very small choir but there were some enjoyable hymns to sing so we did our best.

The forecast had hinted at rain by the time that church was over and there were a few drops but the day stayed largely dry.  I had to fill the feeders as the traffic had been heavy once again and as soon as they were filled, birds started to arrive.

goldfinch and siskin

The arrivals were almost all chaffinches, goldfinches and siskins but it is good to see a busy feeder even if there is not a great variety of different birds.

traffic stacking at feeder

The birds are working on a controlled stacking system copied from Heathrow airport.

My foot was very sore after yesterday’s cycling efforts which was a bit of a disappointment to me as the cycling itself had been very pain free.  As a result, I limited my walking to the garden and didn’t stay out long when I was there.

I prepared a  pot of mince for the slow of cooker and went out when I had finished.

I like this avenue of little daffodils and the sharp eyed will just be able to see the ground level telephone wire going across the grass at the far end.

row of daffs and fallen wire

Signs of things happening are all around.  I saw the first colour in a tulip of the year…

first tulip bud

…and a little cluster of buds on the silver pear.

silver pear buds

When I went back in to make some coffee, I had time to look at the busy feeder again. A siskin was giving a chaffinch a hard time for undue encroachment…

siskins ganging up on chaffinch

…and a female of the species showed that it was deadlier than the male by trampling on an unsuspecting  siskin in return.

stamping chaffinch on siskin

I switched between indoor and outdoor activities and went out to consider the grape hyacinths.  Mrs Tootlepedal is not going for a continuous river of blue this year but she has several promising pools developing.

pool of hyacinths

Back inside again, I saw a chaffinch trying to get organised for a landing…

wonky chaffunch

…and a goldfinch who had safely arrived using a mixed overhand and underhand grip.

secure goldfinch

On my next garden excursion, I walked across the road to talk to our neighbour Liz and in the course of a very interesting conversation about sore feet, I admired her mossy gatepost…

Liz's mossy gatepost

…and she directed my attention to some more moss a bit further along her wall.

Liz's mossy wall

As I went back inside, the sun came out and a goldfinch showed off the pattern on its wings.

flying goldfinch

I had time for one last excursion to the garden where I wondered what had leapt up and taken this chunk out of the trumpet of a daffodil and left the rest untouched….

eaten daffodil

…and was impressed by the growth in the tree peony in the back bed.

tree peony bud

As Mrs Tootlepedal was not feeling at her best, I left her watching Gardeners’ World on the telly and went off after lunch to do some shopping on my way to sing with our Carlisle choir.  As I not only remembered to write a shopping list but I also remembered to take it with me, the shopping was very satisfactory.

The choir was most enjoyable and we had a lot of good singing but as Ellen, our proper conductor,  wasn’t there for the second week running, we didn’t get quite as much done as we should have.  It is interesting to get different conductors and you can always learn something from a new approach but it doesn’t get the songs for our next concert practised as thoroughly as they would be if Ellen was in charge.

It was really good to drive home in broad daylight as the long winter months have finally come to an end.

The slow cooked mince turned out well and we had it with mashed potatoes and spinach for our tea.

flying chaffinch


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36 thoughts on “Solo singing

  1. I like the daffodil lined path and love the color of the grape hyacinths.
    I was looking at huge, moss covered boulders today and I thought that’s what you were showing. I never would have guessed a gatepost.
    I hope Mrs. T. and your foot both feel better soon.

      1. I’ve seen lawns after moss killer was used on them and they were black, so I wouldn’t suggest that solution. I’m really not sure what can be done. You can’t change the weather but you can make sure the yard isn’t shaded by trees and gets plenty of air circulation.

      2. I have tried to get my neighbour to move her house but with no success. Some people just don’t appreciate the need for sunshine on a lawn.

  2. I’ve never seen such a small “car”. We have a car brand called Smart…it looks like half the car is missing, or it’s a toy that escaped from a child’s bedroom. I’m sure for the fuel bill and our environment that’s an appropriate name, but with the traffic and giant size cars on Southern California’s highways, I’m not so sure how smart it is to be sitting in something so tiny!

    1. The Solo car salesman told us that they are shipping 5,000 cars to L.A. this year to market them as commuter vehicles. They are significantly smaller than Smart Cars – narrower and much lower.

  3. shame your foot is still acting up. Those tiny cars are around in the Netherlands and they can use them on certain cycle routes as long as they don’t go over 45kph.

  4. I think Scotland wins hands down for the most impressive mossy covered gateposts and walls and acrobatic birds! You wouldn’t get much shopping in that car!

  5. Magnificent colors on your goldfinch picture! Hoping Mrs T is feeling better. But those tiny cars would be horrifying in some of our insane traffic. Seems some of our jacked up pickup trucks could easily run right over one- and perhaps not even notice! 😲

  6. Very impressive goldfinch photo! We have a lot of moss in our garden too. In the dry weather the grass died off but as soon as the rain returned the moss rushed in before the grass got going. We have invested in a scarifyer and hope that will make a difference.
    I am sorry your foot is so troublesome and I hope Mrs T is much better now.

  7. I’d feel like a bug about to be squashed in that car.

    Great photos of moss and tree peony.

    My subscription to BritBox tv was inspired by my obsession with Gardeners World. They are finally going to start showing this season in mid April. It will be wonderful to watch it in almost “real time” instead of questing around the internet for illicitly uploaded episodes!

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