Busy but dull day

The guest picture from Tony shows the clouds over the Forth that make his post-dog-walking welly rack, which was featured yesterday, a necessity.

Wemyss clouds

I had an untypical day today as it was almost all given over to useful and necessary activity which didn’t involve walking, cycling or taking pictures.  We spent most of the day in Carlisle doing stuff and when we got home, it was raining.  I took a couple of shots in the garden just to have something to show for this post…

new flower

silver pear buds

The pond was doing reverse leaking and filling up with the rain…

full pond

…which was falling on goldfinches in the fake tree..

goldfinch on fake tree

…and (less heavily) on goldfinches on the sunflower stalk.

goldfinch on sunflower stalk

I filled up the seed feeder and it immediately became quite busy…

siskins coming anf going

…and soon became very busy.

very busy feeder

Then I had to settle down to phoning people to try to make sure that my bank account fraud wasn’t rippling any wider and for the moment at least, things are quiet and the bank is doing its best to keep them that way.  Fingers crossed.

In the evening, I went out for a practice with Langholm Sings which was hard work and not as rewarding as I had hoped.

As a result of the day, I am feeling rather tired and can only apologise to those who hope for a smile and a ray of sunshine when they visit the blog.

The flying chaffinch of the day in the rain rounds the post off.

flying chaffinch in the rain

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21 thoughts on “Busy but dull day

  1. I hope someone in the know can help with your bank account fraud. Here we have 3 major credit bureaus and I had to call them to put a fraud alert on my name and accounts. Now nobody can do anything financially in my name without red flags flying. I hope you have something similar. It seems to work fairly well so far.
    The pond looks much bigger than I thought, but I can’t remember what made me think it was small to begin with.

    1. The pond is small, about six foot long so the camera angle may have flattered it. I have taken steps to have my name flagged up in the way you suggest and I am checking to see if anyone is trying anything in the way of credit in my name.

  2. Almost put a “like” to this post, but I didn’t like the sound of “bank account fraud”! Hoping you suffer no losses. It’s a strange world to let a thing like that happen.

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