Rain takes the biscuit

Today’s guest picture comes from my occasional correspondent Elaine.  She and our neighbour Liz were visiting a garden centre when they met some unexpected customers in the aisle of the polytunnel.

big pigs

We had another day here that started with sun but turned rainy in the afternoon.  I had a very quiet day as I was recovering from an outbreak of very sore feet (for no reason) yesterday.  I did think of going for a gentle bike ride in the afternoon but the rain put paid to that.

I had a wander round the garden in the sun after breakfast, dead heading almost the last of the daffodils and some of the first of the tulips, while keeping an eye out for colour as I went.

The orange wallflower was too bright for the camera in the sunshine so I had to stand in front of it to put it in some shade and tone it down a bit.

orange wallflower

The aubretias were fairly bright too.

aubretia red

Both the pink and the blue.

aubretia blue

All three espalier apples have now got blossoms on them and as there are very few bees about, I will get busy with my pollinating brush when the weather permits.

three espalier apple blossom

Another pale flower caught my eye.  This is the very first potentilla flower of the year.

first potentilla

I had a doubly sunny morning as Dropscone dropped in for coffee.  In a salute to the changing season, he didn’t bring the traditional winter Friday treacle scone but came with a good pile of eponymous drop scones instead.

dropscone and coffee

In case anyone is wondering if there were too many drop scones for two grown men to eat with their coffee, don’t worry.  We managed to dispose of them all with the help of some home made raspberry jam.

After Dropscone left, the clouds wasted little time in covering the sky and the first drops of rain arrived just as I cycled round to our corner shop.  Luckily they stopped while I was in the shop and the rain didn’t start seriously again until after lunch.

I looked at the hymns for Sunday’s service and then I looked at the birds.

Everyone was busy getting stuck into the seed…

birds eating

…and then chewing it thoroughly.

redpoll and siskin munching

Siskins, goldfinches and redpolls were keeping chaffinches away from the perches…

chaffinch hoping for a seat at the table

…but as the rain started and the traffic grew heavier, the siskins began to have trouble with more siskins…

more siskins in conflict

…and goldfinches.

siskins in conflict

A sensible siskin deserted the sunflower seeds and turned to the easily available peanuts instead.

upside down siskin on peanuts

Despite the rain, Mrs Tootlepedal and our neighbour Liz went off to plant out Mrs Tootlepedal’s little oak trees.  They returned having accomplished the task, thoroughly wet but remarkably cheerful.

While they were out, I made a batch of ginger biscuits.

As a contrast to the rain falling from above, the water coming out of our taps decreased in volume quite alarmingly in the evening and a call to the water company revealed that there is a leak somewhere nearby.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that they can fix it promptly, because not having running water is very boring.

Thanks to the quiet day, my feet are feeling much better as I write this and I hope to be out and about again tomorrow.

The flying bird of the day is one of the chaffinches who couldn’t get a seat at the table.

flying chaffinch

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41 thoughts on “Rain takes the biscuit

  1. Sorry about your poor, sore feet though glad a day of rest has helped. That blossom was to die for and the pile of drop scones made my mouth water!

  2. It’s disturbing that you have to pollinate the apples by hand. I hope the bees are just off enjoying the flowers somewhere else and not missing entirely.
    Sorry to hear about the feet. I hope they feel much better tomorrow.
    I’ve never had a scone but they do look tasty. And filling!

    1. You haven’t lived if you have never had a freshly cooked drop scone. The alternation of hot and cold weather may have got the bees a bit baffled but I am hoping that some will appear soon.

  3. Are you going to tell us the backstory of the pigs in the poly tunnel??? I would have gladly helped you consume the stack of dropscones – they look light and delicious.

    1. It is more to do with the slightly odd way the weather has developed so that spring is a very hit and miss affair with flowers coming out while bees are still staying at home….though there is a shortage of bees as well.

  4. What excellent pigs. And excellent looking scones too. Sorry about your lack of water pressure, hope that gets sorted out soon.

    1. I don’t like the plurality of feet either. One has been so sore that it has obviously made me walk ‘funny’ in spite of m,y best efforts and that has upset the Achilles tendon on the other. I am not a happy bunny.

      1. Double dammit. I am so sorry both feet have gone wonky.

        The pig photo is hilarious. I am going to share it with a local nursery. They will get a kick out of it. All they have is cats, dogs, and chickens.

  5. I, too, am sorry about your feet. But—holy cats!—I was excited to see a picture of dropscones. I was so excited that I called Clif in to take a look. We both decided they looked mini pancakes. Soon, we’ll be inviting friends over for dropscones,and it’s all because of you. Before I started reading your blog, I had never heard of dropscones.

  6. For what it’s worth, I do wish we could get those feet of yours fixed up. I might have been a bit intimidated by the pigs in the aisle.

    1. I second your thought about the feet, it is all most inconvenient and annoying. Liz is well used to life on a farm and helped shoo the pigs back to their proper home.

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