All charged up

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew  who spotted a fine bridge in Tamworth.

Tamworth bridge

Just a brief post today to say that we left the delights of the garden at home…

home azaleahome clematis

…and travelled to North Berwick by way of Tweedbank.  We stopped at Tweedbank to use a public charging point for the little white zingy thingy.  We were anxious to find out if we could mange the process for the first time.  It turned out to be remarkably simple.  It was due to take 55 minutes to charge up the power that we had used getting there so we took the opportunity to walk past this fine outburst of broom and hawthorn…


….to a cafe on a loch nearby where we had lunch.

The charging had gone to schedule when we got back to the car and we drove on to North Berwick in a very relieved state of mind.  Some of the route took us over steep and long hills where the power meter dropped dramatically but as we went down the other side, the meter recovered its equilibrium and we arrived with plenty of power to spare.

I parked in a public car park 200 yards from our cottage and was delighted to find another public charging point there. We should get home all right at the end of our week.

It was rather grey and drizzly in North Berwick but I went for a short walk while we were waiting for Matilda and her parents to arrive.  It is always a pleasure to be at the seaside, whatever the weather.

bass rock from afarNB harbourNB law behind townNB faoming rocksNB rocks and foamBas rock from distanceNB lichenNB pool changing hutsarctic tern scul[tureNB bird spotter

And of course there are a lot of flying birds about too.

flying gull

I should note that although we haven’t been here long, Matilda has already stamped on ten of my sandcastles.  It is going to be a busy week.


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19 thoughts on “All charged up

  1. I loved the photo of the brightly coloured doors: are they like the ‘beach huts’ that we hear about on English beaches?
    I’m sure you will have a marvellous, Matilda-filled week.

  2. Wonderful news about the charging stations. A new way of doing things, perhaps, but we must change our ways. Hooray for the little white zingy thingy. Reading about Matilda’s stomping ways made me laugh. I wonder how many sandcastles she will stomp on this holiday?

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