Being a tourist

While Mrs Tootlepedal went off to visit her mother, brother and sister in law I went off with my sister Mary to view some London landmarks

We took a train down to Blackfriars Station which is perched on top of a bridge across the Thames ..

… and then walked along the south bank of the river in a downstream direction, noting…

…the world ugly building collection..

…and an empty hall at the Tate Modern art gallery ..

.. which was either a savagely perceptive comment on the vacuity of British politics today or just because they didn’t have anything to hand

St Paul’s cathedral could be seen across the river…

… and the Globe Theatre was on our side.

We gave our feet a rest and boarded a boat…

… on a busy stretch of the river until we came to HMS Belfast..

.. where we disembarked and walked past this fine arcade on a grand scale …

… and then past this more modest collection of nautical seats .

We admired the Tower of London and..

… the bridge beside it.

Once we had flowed under the bridge, we found ourselves in an area of heavily developed old warehouses which are now business premises and smart, ex pensive apartments..

…many still carrying names from their former glories

Rather than walk all the way back, we took a boat to the Embankment…

…and then Mary went to an art lecture and I had a snack and went south to drop in on our daughter Annie

I had hoped to visit her allotment but the weather was so hot and humid that we just sat around in her garden eating cherries instead.

Mrs Tootlepedal returned from her visit, I returned from mine and my sister Susan cooked us an evening meal to restore our strength.

The flying bird of the day is a gull which was posing on the wall beside the river for the benefit of passing tourists with cameras

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

25 thoughts on “Being a tourist

    1. When i used to walk to work through those districts in the late 1950s many of the warehouses were still in use and doors might hold notices telling us that the people within were concerned with the import or export of all sorts of exotic things. I thought that it was a magical area.

  1. Enjoyed the tour of London, the ugly as well as the good. Eating cherries in the garden sounds like the perfect way to recover from such an exerting day. Speaking of exerting….have to comment on Derrick’s comment about squatters who gained access via rope ladders. Holy cats!

      1. Sometimes political points must be made. And it’s sad how the same issues keep cycling around. In the U.S. affordable housing is a huge problem. I have read that in all 50 states, the median income cannot afford the median-priced house. No surprise there is unrest.

      2. I think it is quite possible that I stayed in a hostel run by squatters in London (Chelsea Embankment) in 1975 and was too naive to realize it.

        Those modern building are just too silly.

  2. Very much enjoyed the sight of a scenery I like to remember from multiple visits. But today I’d rather endulge in memories than actually go into the turmoil created by some people I wouldn’t trust to command the future of a country I honestly revere.

  3. Enjoyed this mini London tour! I did an exchange semester there and this brings back good memories.

  4. A grand tour of a capital city…brings back old memories of these places in a bygone era…the 60’s! Thanks for the memory!

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