A bit of a come down

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew and shows a rather desolate city beach in Derby.  He tells me that it was fully booked and occupied in the sunshine a couple of days ago.

Derby beach

There wouldn’t have been much demand for deck chairs in Langholm either today as it was just as wet and miserable here as in Derby.

We were very lucky to have got through Common Riding day with such kindly weather yesterday and personally, I was quite happy to have an excuse for a very quiet day today after all the excitement.

Matilda took her parents back to Edinburgh after lunch, but not before handing out a sound thrashing to mother, father, grandfather and grandmother at a game of Pelmanism.  However, to balance things up, she was a graceful loser at Beggar My Neighbour.

I did go out into the garden with her to pick a few beans for her to take home, but it was only a few because as soon as we started picking, the light drizzle turned into heavy rain.

It was very gloomy and not a day for garden pictures  as even the brightest flowers were a bit depressed…

lily wetdamp calenduawet gernaium

…and yesterday’s pink poppies were absolutely shattered.

pink poppy sogged

I filled up the bird feeder after our visitors left and a few sparrows turned up and tucked in.

pair of soggy sparrows

The new sunflower growing up beside the nuts can be clearly seen on the right of the nut feeder.

sparrow on nuts with sunflower

More sparrows arrived and a little drama played out.

With a female on the left hand a perch, a male had a look for a place…

sparrow raid 1

…and when he din’t find one, he turned and threatened the incumbent…

sparrow raid 2

…and even resorted to some ungentlemanly jostling.

sparrow raid 3

When then didn’t work, he gave up all pretence of manners and simply trod on the poor bird while eating seeds over the top of her.

sparrow raid 4

Just when we had plenty of time to spare, the Tour de France organisers severely cut the length of today’s final mountain stage  but it still remained exciting and we shall be at a loss as to how to waste time next week when the tour has finished.

We might see a little sunshine tomorrow as well as some more rain but the humidity is still very high so although things have cooled down, life is still not very comfortable.

After the great number of pictures yesterday, today’s brief post has been a bit of a relief for me and very probably for patient readers as well, but as another year in the Langholm calendar rolls by, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who take time to read the posts and/or look at the pictures, and in particular those who take the time to add the regular comments that enliven the blog.

A rather gloomy sparrow is the flying bird of the day.

flying sparrow

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30 thoughts on “A bit of a come down

  1. I read recently, in an article about France baking in the heat, that household air conditioners aren’t common in Europe and the U.K. With your high humidity you might want to look into one. With my breathing difficulties, which I know you have as well, I’d be in sad shape without the ones I have.
    Meanwhile we could use your rain, because ours have dried up and now we may have to water to keep things going. Things seemed a lot more even when I was younger.
    I’m glad you had a day of rest, even though Matilda didn’t get her beans.

    1. Generally speaking, we have no need for air conditioners here and we can get through the odd hot spell with just a bit of complaining. We have had four and a half inches of rain this week which was welcomed by the gardener even if the cyclist wasn’t quite so keen on it.

  2. we had a very wet day too yesterday but it was still uncomfortably sticky. I have been trying to do some sewing but had the whole thing wrong and will have to start over again. Still, its only fabric. Have a lovely day

  3. I too am extremely poor at commenting, however, my appreciation knows few bounds both photographs, and your commentary are always a pure pleasure.

  4. I always enjoy your pictures of the birds on the feeders… such personality they display. We’re so lucky you capture so brilliantly those diverse, spirited birds and share them with us!

  5. I would be lost without your posts from Langholm; a veritable feast of news and photographs. I must try to comment more regularly.
    Shocking Sparrow behaviour!

  6. I was thinking that with the raindrops the flowers didn’t look gloomy at all. Somehow, flowers with raindrops are so pretty. But my goodness! Those sparrows.

      1. I think there is! And I might just have listened to it out over and over again when I was young. Along with the other songs on the album, of course. 😉

  7. Greetings from New Jersey, USA. Laurie Graves led me to your blog, which I have greatly enjoyed these many months. Your voice and your pictures are wonderful. Thank you! XOXO

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