Charging about

Today’s guest picture comes from our daughter Annie.  She took our new granddaughter, Evelyn Rose to the allotment in her ‘travel system’ or push chair as it used to be called.  Annie hasn’t been able to work on the allotment recently for obvious reasons but she was pleased to find her dahlias thriving on benign neglect.

annie's dahlia

I decided to give my legs a rest today so Mrs Tootlepedal and I went for a drive in the Zoe instead.  We ventured into England and tested out using a motorway service station charging point.  We needed to use an app on my phone to make the system work  but it turned out to be very easy to use and we had a cup of coffee and a sausage roll while the car charged.

Zoe at Southwaite

In spite of the road  and the car park being very busy, we were the only people using the chargers and the greatest excitement was in trying to find where the chargers were as I drove round in circles, ignoring sage (and correct) advice from Mrs Tootlepedal as I did so.  Slightly surprisingly to me at least was the fact that the chargers were not in the petrol station but beside the food outlets.  However, this makes sense when you think about it.

I will know next time.

When we got home, after a small diversion to a garden centre on the way, it was time for lunch. Then we did some gentle gardening in the afternoon.  The gardening was gentle because it was extremely hot in the sunshine.  The car thermometer had shown 27°C when we were in the car park at the garden centre.

The garden was alive with butterflies again, although we didn’t have as many as the fifteen painted ladies as Mike and Alison had seen in their garden yesterday.

Once again we had a good variety though, with small tortoiseshells…

small tortoiseshell butterfly

…painted ladies, who have more interesting undersides to their wings than most…

painted ldy butterfly

…occasional red admirals, some looking a bit worse for a wear..

red admiral butterfly

…and lots of peacocks too.  This one was so tired that like me, it needed a sit down on our bench to recover.

peacock butterfly

I mowed the front lawn and the combination of warm weather with occasional rain has got it looking as good as it has looked for some years.  I was so overcome by its beauty that I forgot to take a picture of it.

The poppies are getting past their best but there are still quite a lot on the go, including this one, the reddest of them all.

deep red poppy

Even when they have passed their best, they still have a sort of faded glory.

faded poppy

Mallows are thriving…

three mallow

…and more clematis are coming out all the time.  This one has the best colour in my opinion.

deep purple clematis

I did some shredding of things that Mrs Tootlepedal had pruned and cleared and had to go into the house from time to time to cool down so I managed to make not a lot of activity stretch out over quite a long time.

I picked more sweet peas and had enough for a vase for us and a bouquet for our neighbour Libby, who has just come out of hospital, and I still left a good number uncut.

sweet pea uncut

The Japanese anemones have come out and though they are very welcome, they do send a message that the year is turning and the nights are getting shorter.

japanese anemone

AS far as the roses go, the Wren is determined to make the best of the warm weather while it is here and is constantly putting out new flowers…

rose Wren

…and Special Grandma is doing well too.

special grandma rose

I have been trying to get a satisfactory picture of a green euphorbia for some days now but it is so green that the camera gets confused and can’t focus properly.  This is my best effort.  It is a vividly striking plant.

green eupphorbia

I packed away the bird feeder and cleaned and stored the tray from underneath it so once again, there is no flying bird of the day.  This unassuming sunny reggae dahlia modestly takes its place instead.

sunny reggae dahlia

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24 thoughts on “Charging about

  1. The charging station had a better view than you would have seen at the petrol station I bet!

    We’ve had a good crop of Red Admirals on this side of the pond as well!

  2. I was seeing butterflies today too, but none quite as brightly colored as yours.
    Though I do like the Japanese anemones I don’t much care for the message they bring, but I don’t suppose anyone can do anything about that.
    This post has been a feast for the flower lover. The mallows, poppies, and that last dahlia are very beautiful.

    1. The march of time is irresistible, I agree. There is good colour in the garden at the moment but the weather forecast is not good so what things will look like by the end of the month is very questionable.

  3. The featured dahlia is far from unassuming – it’s a feast of shapes and colours. Lots of colours in the whole post, really – lovely! Re. the charging points – I assume there’s an app/map that shows the locations throughout the area? It’s a rather blank map here on the prairies at the moment, but they’re working on it.

    1. Yes, there is any amount of detail about where to find a charger, whether it is suitable for your vehicle and whether anyone is using it when you check.

  4. That final photograph is an absolute winner, congratulations! Would love to see a picture of the ‘travel system’, could it show up as a guest picture perhaps?

    1. It was a very odd start to the year with plants not sure whether to come out or not but it has settled down well now. But if the jet stream changes, we can even get frosts by the end of the month so we are enjoying things while we can.

  5. Wow that’s a bit of a fancy dahlia instead of a flying bird…it might take off with all those different sized petals. Good to see all the butterflies around enjoying your garden. As you have included details about charging points for your car there are two wordpress .com posts below yours on my computer that are also all about cars…’Electric Cars- Future or Fraud? …we are being watched!! How interesting!

  6. Our purple clematis is blooming, and I was able to get some good photos of it this morning. Your butterflies are so colorful. I mainly see the tiger swallowtails here, feeding on the butterfly bush.

    The reggae dahlia is very beautiful, but so are all your subjects.

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