A dull day in every way

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew.  He took refuge from some foul weather by visiting the museum in Derby where he came across a fine representation of Athenian democracy crafted out of LEGO.

Derby lego parliament

After yesterday’s excitement, we were hoping for a less interesting day today and as far as the weather went, we got one.  Unfortunately, that didn’t mean that it had stopped raining, just that it had stopped raining so hard.  In fact it rained more or less the whole day but luckily it was quite gentle for a lot of the time.

After church, which was quite jolly with some good singing hymns and an interesting address from my cello playing friend, Mike, I went up to check on the ad hoc repair to the sluice at Pool Corner.

In spite of the continuing rain, water levels had dropped a lot and it was good to see the board still in place.

sluice protector am

Looking into the main course of the Wauchope, I could see a couple of trees which had come over the caul yesterday, giving some idea of the force of the water.

tree over the caul Pool Cormer

I cycled home and was impressed by the sheer cheek of a sunflower which thought that this was a good moment to show some yellow sun.

sunflower in the rain

I walked round the garden in the drizzle.

wet poppy

The new lilies are standing up to the rain pretty well.

wet lily

As always on a wet day, there are opportunities for the bored photographer.

web with droplets

I took two of them.

web with droplets 2

At one point we did think of going for a walk to visit the landslide on the main road out of town, but just as we were getting ready to go, the rain started to come down more heavily so we gave up the idea and settled down to do harmless indoor tasks instead.

Every now and again, we checked the level of the dam.  It stayed calm.

I put a parish magazine from 1968 on to our Archive Group web pages.  Sandy had scanned and digitised it so it wasn’t a difficult task.

We watched athletics from Poland on the telly and were pleased to see that it was a perfectly lovely day there….well fairly pleased.

From time time to time, I looked out of the door into the garden to see if it was still raining.

It was.

wet blackbird

There were still plenty of birds popping about though.

bird on plum tree

I hope that the birds don’t get the wrong idea and start pecking at our plums.

sparrow in plum tree

In the early evening, I went up to have another look at Pool Corner.  The waters had risen but the board was still holding.

sluice protector pm

The Wauchope was doing a good job of disposing of the surplus water into the Esk.

Wauchope in flood pm

The dam behind the house was reassuringly low.

dam quiet

I took a picture of two rather soggy dahlias just to add a bit of colour to a dull day.

two sad dahlias

All we can do is to hope that the overnight rain is not too heavy and stops as forecast at 3 am.

The flying bird of the day is a passing rook on its way to find some shelter.

flying rook

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22 thoughts on “A dull day in every way

  1. So pleased to see that the temporary repair to the sluice has continued to keep the dam under control, despite today’s rain. It must have been very worrying yesterday. I hope the rain clears away soon. Take care near those flooded rivers!

    1. After a whole day of rain, the river had risen relatively little so it just goes to show what a tremendous downpour in a short time there must have been to cause the flooding.

  2. Sorry not to have caught up with dam problems until today. But pleased to see holding firm, and the advantages of good neighbours. Fingers crossed. Our Victorian sewers are holding out after previous inadequacies have had some attention.

  3. I hope the rain stopped at 3 am as forecast. Glad to see the dam by your house has dropped down and hope it is still that way.

  4. The water droplets on the web are absolutely beautiful. Keeping my fingers crossed for the ongoing success of your water control device (i.e. sheet of plywood!).

  5. Pleased when I read your title as I knew then that things must have calmed down! Let’s hope the weather forecasters are correct and the rain will move away from your area shortly. Love the rain drops on the cobweb photo and the pretty poppy one too…..good to see how even the horrid wet weather can be put to some use.

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