A dull day brightened by scones

Today’s guest picture was taken by my sister Mary who visited the Regent’s canal near  St Pancras lock and found that it was pretending to be a lawn.

canal with weed

The weather here today was dismal, wet and very windy from morn till night.  Once again, it was a day for finding things to do indoors and I was fortunate that both Dropscone and Sandy were on hand for coffee (and treacle scones) in the morning.  When Sandy left, Dropscone and I had an extensive and amicable discussion on the politics of the day as seen from different viewpoints.

Dropscone departed, unconvinced by my arguments but with a bagful of plums for some crumble.  To be fair, I wasn’t convinced by his arguments either.

That was the high spot of the day and after that, I settled down to some catching up with correspondence, preparations for the camera club exhibition, and flute and singing practice.  I am never going to be any good at singing or flute playing but I do enjoy trying to get better, even if only by minute steps.

It wasn’t a day for taking photos and looking out of the back door was as far as I got.

view from back door

Flowers were waving about in the wind so wildly that getting a focus was impossible.

crocosmia in breeze

…and it always seemed to be drizzling…

washing line with drips

…even when it wasn’t actually raining.

Mrs Tootlepedal is having a nice time in London, where she took the opportunity to do some much needed watering in our daughter’s garden.

There are some days when there is not a lot to be said, and this was one of them.  We are promised some sunshine tomorrow afternoon.  I hope that the forecasters are right.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

21 thoughts on “A dull day brightened by scones

  1. I am sorry that you are having so much wind and rain. We are so dry that the lawn is yellow, many plants have died and the big pond is just a muddy hollow.
    The yellow crocosmia are very attractive.

  2. I hope you have a decent blog to check into every day, As I find it so life-affirming, even when brief to read yours. The thought of amicable discussion, with friends with equally strong differing views, I personally miss and have for years! I comment all too rarely but never miss a read, usually at the start of my day. Often times it positively makes my day! Thank you, and those you love.

  3. We could very well do with some of the drizzle if not even rain here as we are having a long stretch of wall to wall sunshine and high temperatures (about 30°C) and not a drop from above. Just watering the neediest and fearing the worst for our trees.

    1. 30C seems very hot for this time of year. I am not surprised that your trees are suffering. Are you likely to get water rationing to add to your difficulties?

      1. No rationing as yet since we are near several big reservoirs and there was even flooding not very far. But somehow rain has shunned us,

    1. It is not hard to disagree with people about politics and Dropscone and I have never agreed on a lot on that front so the discussion posed no problems.

  4. You have me wishing for just a bit of that rain… then again there’s always that lesson to keep in mind to be careful what I wish for!

    The yard still looks lovely in the rain soaked mist.

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