Today’s guest picture is another from Venetia’s visit to the Haynes International Motor Museum.  This is a 1949 Jaguar 3.5 litre saloon and very nice too.  They keep the exhibits very well polished.

1949 Jaguar 3.5 litre saloon

The day started much as yesterday had finished, windy and grey. I wisely spent so much time over breakfast that by the time I had finished my porridge and tea, it was time for coffee and an iced bun (or two).

Then I had a look round the garden where I was astonished to find a red admiral butterfly at full stretch.

red admiral butterf;y

I was so astonished that I had to go inside and sit down again.  I made some vegetable soup and while it was cooking, I popped out and mowed the front lawn.  In spite of quite a lot of rain during August, the ground is still reasonably dry and the lawn mowed very well.

I had a look round the garden to see what had survived the strong winds and was pleased to find a lot of flowers still looking well.

lilian austin rose

As I looked, there was a break in the clouds and some sun peeped through.

phlox, red flower, fuchsia, anemone

All things considered, I thought that the garden looked not too bad.

border in august

I wasn’t at all confident that the rain had actually gone away so I frittered some time away after I had had my lunch by watching some rowing on the telly for a while.  Then I consulted the forecast.

You would think the the forecasters would be able to tell you what might happen in the next hour even if the the next day’s weather was still a mystery to them, but having consulted several forecasts, I had a choice of anything between a 0% and  a 70% chance of rain.  I chose to believe the 0% forecast (though I did pack a rain jacket) and set off for a pedal on my borrowed bike.

The wind was still blowing briskly, but a look around showed a lot of blue sky…

vew from Bessie Bells

…so I was happy to stop on my way and take some pictures.

I visited my favourite cascade on the mighty Wauchope…

Wauchope cascade

…and had another look at the landslip further up the road.

Wauchope lnad slip Aug 31

There is a set of traffic lights here which lets motorists (and cyclists) use half the road , but I would imagine that the road will have to be closed when they try to make the banking safe.  I also imagine that they will not be rushing to do the repair.

I cycled on and picked a route that kept any pedalling straight into the wind to a minimum.  As a result, I had a most enjoyable 18 miles, especially as some threatening clouds soon cleared off, leaving a lovely afternoon.

view from Bloch

I was happy to see that the cut silage had all been safely gathered in.

silage bales bloch

There was some colour beside the road as I went along.

four roadside views

And as I hadn’t stopped while passing over it for some time, I stopped today and took a picture of Skippers Bridge as I neared the end of my trip.

Skippers Bridge

It really was a fine afternoon by the time that I got back to Langholm

Whita from castleholm

When I got home, I took a picture of the plum tree just to settle any reader’s worries about whether I had given Dropscone too many plums yesterday.

many plums

We threw away literally hundreds of unripe plums as they were developing to stop them breaking the branches, we have made plum jam and plum chutney, I stewed some more plums and have been eating them with cream (someone has to do it), I gave some to our neighbour Liz, I eat fresh plums all the time and pick more and eat them every time I pass the tree, and still the branches are weighed down with countless more.  It has been, as Ken Dodd would say, a plumptious year.

And now the apples are ripe enough to start eating them too.

I had another walk round the garden to look for butterflies and on my way, enjoyed a new flower on the rambler rose.

rambler rose

There were one or two butterflies about but there were a lot more bees so I looked at them instead.

insect on Michaelmas daisy

I liked this cool one with dark glasses on.

insect on Michaelmas daisy 2

I was thinking about going for a short walk but somehow time slipped by again and I had to cook my tea, so I settled for my bike ride.  As the 18 miles took me to just over 400 miles for the month, I was pretty content with that.

I rang Mrs Tootlepedal in the evening and found that she is having an enjoyable time down south.

The flying bird of the day is one of the few butterflies that I saw in the garden today.

peacock buttefly

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31 thoughts on “Better

  1. What a gorgeous day. I too have given up on conflicting weather forecasts although I still feel obligated to check them. Amazing capture of the bee with sunglasses.

    1. I have a lot of sympathy for the forecasters as their computer models must be struggling to keep up with the changes driven by rising temperatures and an unreliable jetstream.

  2. Wonderful photos and, as always, a great story to go along with them. Thanks for sharing.

    1. We have a lot of small but steep little slopes with very unstable thin layers of soil on rock so landslides are quite common. We have had four in the last few years which have closed roads for a bit.

  3. I am impressed by much the toots, [collectively ] do. I can claim a record in replying two days in a row! Rather late in the year, I have been inspired, mostly by yourselves, to take more exercise, I am certainly reaping the benefits. So thanks for that, as well as the excellent blog

    1. Two comments in a row!! That shows great enthusiasm. I am very pleased if we have in any way encouraged you to take some exercise as we are great believers in the value of getting out and about.

  4. I have caught up with you again, but spared all the extra comments. Your summer looks to be transitioning nicely into autumn, as is ours. Mrs. T has been hard at work in the gardens there. They are very beautiful and productive. I am envious of those potatoes!

    Your bee in that photo has a nice sprinkling of gold dust-like pollen on her thorax. That is a beautifully detailed photo.

    Our plum report is better than initially expected. Rick is picking high up in the tree now, and we may even get to dry some. August was milder in terms of heat than in past years, for which we are very grateful. The tomatoes, cucumbers and squash are now racing against September’s unknown weather.

    1. Our modest harvest is mostly safe from the weather now but there is no doubt that autumn is impossible to ignore even though I think it shouldn’t come until the equinox.

  5. was at my friends home on Friday and her plum tree has no fruit at all . 2 out of 3 apple trees had fruit and their field of rape seed never germinated , the first time in about 40 years. They have never known it. It is really odd

    1. It has been an odd year. I hand pollinated our plums and apples but the plums obviously got natural pollinators too as plums have appeared where I couldn’t possibly reach. But an apple which I didn’t pollinate much has hardly any fruit so hand pollination does pay off.

  6. A lovely day full of pleasant and pretty things to see. Good to see Skippers Bridge looking so fine . The cool dude bee with his sunnies made me giggle!

    1. I would like to get one of those sharp close ups when you can see the cells on the bee’s eye but I would need to have my tripod out I think.

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