Not much happening

Today’s guest picture comes from Simon, a camera club member who is working on the continent.  Knowing that I like bridges, he sent me this historic example by which one can cross the border between Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Swiss border bridge

I had such a dull day that I was very tempted to copy the famous occasion on 18th April, 1930 when the BBC news reader announced that there was “No news today” and played music for the rest of the bulletin.

But I cracked.  So here is a very little news.

It was a wet, windy and miserable morning.  I am still not sleeping very well and Mrs Tootlepedal had gone out to an all day Embroiderers’ Guild workshop so I saw no good reason to get up until after lunch.  I watched a good game of rugby on the telly with New Zealand showing how the game should be played before lunch and then I watched an exciting horse race from Ascot where the hot favourite was beaten a centimetre after lunch.

I finally got enough interest in real life to go out into the garden in a fine drizzle and sweep the leaves off the lawns and pick up some walnuts.

I did a little shredding and welcomed Mrs Tootlepedal back from her meeting.  We had a walk round the garden which tried its best to cheer me up…

rosy cheeks roselush fuchsiawinter jasmine

…and then we went in and had a cup of tea.

I watched a rather glum blackbird perching in the rain…

blackbird in the rain

…and then, in the search for thrills, I drove down to Co-op to recycle our old newspapers and cans and do a little shopping while I was there.

The recycling went well and the shopping would have gone better if I had taken any money with me.

The second visit was more successful.

And that was the day.

There were hardly any birds about in the garden today and those that were there were keeping a very low profile.  In desperation, I looked up and saw two passing rooks so I do have a double flying bird of the day with which to end a dull post.

two flying rooks

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28 thoughts on “Not much happening

  1. I do enjoy your gentle sense of humour. Also, the fact that you stick to local ‘no news’ rather than filling in the gap with the ‘other’ news…which drags on and on and on…

  2. “No news today” is one I hadn’t heard of before,and definitely one for the pub quiz night.
    I can’t imagine it will ever happen again.especially not in the present climate,we’re bombarded with news 24/7.

    I’d see your GP concerning sleep problems,apparently it can lead to quite serious health issues if left to continue for to long.
    I had similar problems myself some years ago which impacted quite significantly on my day to day doctor prescribed a very short course of sleeping tablets,which I reluctantly used to get back into the habit of natural sleep patterns..
    I’m not advocating that course of action to anybody,just to say it did work for me…hope you soon find a solution.
    The best known advice I’ve heard is to go to bed and wake up at the same time every night,which for me is 10.30 pm to 7.30am.

    1. Thank you for your good advice but I don’t think, in spite of my moaning, that I have reached crisis point in my sleeping. The problem has been sore legs which come and go so I am hoping to be back to normal soon.

  3. I beg to differ kind sir! Not a dull post at all, for capturing two rooks flying in the same frame would place it squarely in thrilling territory for my geographical area. That said, remove the tandem rooks and insert your afternoon nap and then the post could be squarely in dull land. But that being said, the older I get, the more I appreciate a good dull day, especially the taking a nap part. Best, Babsje

  4. I am sorry you are having trouble sleeping, that is a hard one.

    Slow days with little going on are welcome in my world where often all too much goes on in a day. Here is another take on news. The Sonoma County Upbeat Times motto reads “No Bad News is…Good News!”

    1. I see from a weather report that you have been having record wet weather in your corner of the world this month. I hope things get better for you.

  5. No wonder you can’t sleep it’s all the build up in tension after watching the rugby matches.
    The fuchsia photo is great- it looks 3D! Sleep tight tonight.

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