Waking up is so very hard to do

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary.  She has combined some good autumn colour with a grebe.


My plan for the day was to leap out of bed early and go for a cycle ride and then go to see the physio for a check up.  I managed half the plan. The physio was very helpful and has discharged me with admonitions to keep doing the exercises but not to do do them too much.  I shall pay attention.

The high spot of the cycle free morning (I did not leap out of bed) was the arrival of a huge parcel which when opened, revealed its very modest contents.

big parcel small contents

I know this sort of thing makes sense to someone but it doesn’t make sense to me.

As it turned out to be a cold and windy morning with quite a lot of miserable drizzle about, I was quite pleased with the lack of leaping out of bed and enjoyed a gentle stroll round the garden to see what flowers are surviving…

surviving nasturtium

lamium november

poentilla november

…and to pick up a few more of the excellent walnut crop.

fallen walnut

Most of our colour will come from shrubs until the the spring bulbs arrive.


I watched the birds as well and recorded a crow in the plum tree, a rare visitor to our garden, though we do see quite a few rooks.

crow on plum tree

A chaffinch is a more regular sight.

chaffinch on plum tree

Under the feeder, a robin…

robin on ground

…and a dunnock kept a wary eye out for cats.

dunnock by feeder pole

While up above, a blue tit snatched a seed before flying off.

blue tit tucking in

There were plenty of birds about and a goldfinch seeing a fellow being assaulted by a greenfinch headed for safety.

busy feeder

A female chaffinch made a neat landing.

female chaffinch landing

After carefully checking on the trains, we drove across to Lockerbie and caught a reasonably punctual train to Edinburgh

Matilda’s parents went off to a parents meeting at her school and we had a very entertaining time with Matilda.  There was creative dance, shooting Grandpa with a bow and arrow, and games of Carcassone and Pelmanism.

Al and Clare returned with good reports of Matilda and we enjoyed another excellent meal before setting off home.

The train home was late and as we are setting off at the crack of dawn tomorrow to catch another train, this time to Glasgow, our fingers are firmly crossed.

This also explains this brief post.

The flying bird of the day is a goldfinch in a queue

flying goldfinch

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24 thoughts on “Waking up is so very hard to do

  1. Today’s robin puts on a little more of the cute.
    I look forward to seeing your spring bulbs. They come earlier than ours and help break through the winter doldrums.
    Matilda is lucky to have a grandpa she can shoot with a bow and arrow.

  2. I enjoyed the title of today’s post. Im glad Matilda’s bow and arrow caused no lasting damage and hope Doctor gave you an indication of how much is too much. Its not always easy to work out until too late.

    1. It was a physiotherapist not a doctor and I always pay very good attention to them as they know what they are talking about as they have seen so many cases.

  3. Nasturtiums are such hardy souls. One year we had a bright yellow-flowered volunteer come up by the garage and hang on well after first frost in its protected location.

    The FBOTD reminds me of an airport, with planes in a queue for takeoff.

    I am glad to hear you are still with us after being shot with a bow and arrow. 🙂

  4. Just checking up on you, Mr T, as I read on the BBC about lots of rain and flooding. Probably far south of you. I am sooooo looking forward to a nice cup of tea and catching up on your blog this weekend.


  5. Hope your pretty dunnock is becoming more aware of where the cat may be hiding! Sounds like an enjoyable afternoon with Matilda. On WordPress there are always two other blogs advertised below your post and today it was your post from June 14 2014 and a photo of Matilda …you leapt out of bed on that day!

  6. Waking up has been particularly hard to do lately, but it seems that there are signs of life returning after all. Sister Mary’s image is beautiful.

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