A power walk

As several of the pictures in today’s post were taken by our daughter Annie’s partner Joe, I will start with two off his which were taken as their cat Smudge got to know mini Smudge better this morning.

Once again our day started with the bus ride across London to visit our granddaughter Evie.

It was more exciting than it should have been as a diversion on the route meant that we crossed the Thames three times in quick succession, starting with Westminster Bridge…

… followed by Lambeth and Vauxhall bridges.

However we still arrived safely and later in the morning Annie and Joe took us for an outing…

…back to the river again.

This time we were at Battersea. I looked down the river and saw what I thought was a rather odd bridge, both with suspension and arches…

… but which turned out to be two bridges, one with arches…

… and one with suspension.

Walking along the river bank and under both bridges took us to Battersea Power Station…

… now the site of extensive redevelopments. It was astounding to see the transformation that was being effected.

We had lunch in a café housed under one of the arches of the railway bridge and after a look back down river…

… and a nod to a local resident…

…we made our way back along the river bank to Battersea Park and its peace pagoda.

Evie had slept through both our power station visit and lunch and she snoozed on as we walked through the park, which was delightfully autumnal.

Joe took this picture of us walking back to the car.

After tea and cake when we got back to the house, and a chat with Joe’s mother, we caught a bus back to Euston where we attended choral evensong with my sisters Susan and Mary at St Pancras church.

After the service, we had a meal at a very handy restaurant just across the road and caught two buses back home.

The flying bird(s) of the day were photographed by Joe over lunch.

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30 thoughts on “A power walk

  1. I enjoyed seeing the photos of Smudge and your family. I have a cat called Smudge, too, but he has completely white fur. I’m not sure what he would make of a mini Smudge.

      1. When he was a kitten, he had a black smudge on his face. It disappeared as he matured. We adopted him as an older kitten when the smudge was still quite visible and didn’t want to change the name that his original owner gave him.

  2. Yet another delightful post. How do manage to produce unfailing uplifts for readers? Thank you.
    I used to live in Bedford and had occasional rail trips to St Pancras. Over some 15 years, I saw the transformation of a dirty even moribund terminus into a spectacular home and international structure. The engineers involved managed to keep St Pancras fully functional throughout the upgrade. And, on several occasions, I have narrow-boated on the adjacent canal. An enjoyable and fascinating contrast in modes of transport.

  3. Smudge certainly has a look of suspicion on his face. Been too long since I was last in London — great to see progress with Battersea. Shame it won’t be a public building. Your tour of bridges is appreciated, even if it slowed you all down.

  4. Beautiful photos from your day, but I especially enjoyed the autumn photos in the park. Smudge and mini Smudge getting to know one another were entertaining, especially the look on Smudge’s face. You capture animal personalities quite well!

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