Organ failure

Today’s guest picture is another from Tony on a walk in East Wemyss, the land of eternal sunshine.

east wemyss sunset

Our weather got warmer today but there was not a hint of sunshine here as Mrs Tootlepedal and I cycled to church to hear our potential new minister preach a sermon before the congregation voted on whether to accept his nomination for the position.

There was a good turnout and the choir was in the middle of singing an anthem when the lights suddenly went out.  We battled on gamely, peering at the music in the ecclesiastical gloom but it was all in vain because a few seconds later the organ gave up as its wind ran out with a sigh.

With great presence of mind, our organist zipped downstairs from the gallery and accompanied the last hymn of the service from a handy upright piano near the lectern.

Was it an omen?  We don’t know because the queue of church members to vote was so long that we had to leave long before the result was announced.

We got home in time for a cup of coffee before taking my stepmother Patricia for a final walk before she caught the train home.

Although it hasn’t rained a lot lately, the lack of sun has meant that things are generally rather damp and we had to mind our heads when walking under dangling conifer branches.

dripping conifet

We walked up the river to the Duchess Bridge…

duchess bridge through mossy tree

…where Patricia and Mrs Tootlepedal paused to check on the river below.

pat and Mrs t on duchess bridge

We crossed the bridge and I noted a very pale fungus beside the Lodge Walks…

white fungus

…down which we walked  towards the Sawmill Brig…

walkers on lodge walks

…noting a late leafy tree…

late autumn leaves lodge walks

…and a profusion of bright red berries at the gate…

red berries lodge walks

…before we got to the bridge and leaned over it in the hope of seeing a dipper or two.

There were no dippers to be seen today so I took a picture, staring straight down at the water below, of a sapling growing out of the cutwater of the bridge.

tree on butress sawmill brig

We introduced Patricia to Mr Grumpy who was standing on one leg today…


…and noted a rook who was taking advantage of the free parking provided by our local authority on the Kilngreen.

rook parking

Looking down the High Street as we got to the Town Bridge, we could see the fine Christmas tree, freshly installed in front of the Town Hall.

town christmas tree 2019

As you can see from the Town hall clock, it was nearly one o’clock and we had time for a bowl of Mrs Tootlepedal’s leek and potato soup before driving off to Carlisle where we put Patricia on to the London train and then, having waved her goodbye, we went on to a practice with the Carlisle Community choir.

We worked hard at the practice as we have a concert in two weeks and by the time that we got home, we were ready for a sit down.  It has been a couple of busy weeks.

I didn’t have a chance to catch a flying bird at the feeder today so a rook making use of a bench on the Kilngreen is standing in for the flying bird of the day.

rook on becnh

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27 thoughts on “Organ failure

  1. I love the idea of a good sermon determining whether a potential new vicar gets the job or not. And I suppose everyone could have differing criteria. Tricky one…

    1. In days gone by when there were more ministers than churches, three of four ministers might have to preach competing sermons in the battle to be appointed.

  2. Loved the berries and the autumn colours on your walk. Sorry you lost your electricity at church, well done the organist for changing instruments.

  3. Your evergreen needles look a lot like our eastern hemlock, which is Tsuga canadensis.
    The light on the mossy branches of the tree by the Duchess Bridge was beautiful.
    The view over the side of the bridge is enought to activate my acrophobia.

  4. Sorry to have missed your birthday – late catching up on your news as usual… I put it down to old age advancing at the gallop. Always impressed by your constant activity

  5. I loved your description of the episode in the church with the lights going out and the organ going down for the count. I’d be interested to know the result of the vote.

  6. Yes, a very dramatic turn of events in church. Do let us know what the choice was. Wonderful picture of the rook! You certainly have had a busy couple of weeks. Fun to read about all the goings on.

  7. An interesting day at church. You have a quick-thinking, resourceful organist!

    I enjoyed the photos from your rainy day there. There is still many bright patches of color here and there. We are headed into a cold spell this week. The possible snow reports have varied widely from day to day, but now I hear high winds are on the way. This usually means power outages for us.

    A very handsome rook. They look even more serious than the jackdaws. 🙂

  8. How interesting… look forward to hearing if the minister achieved enough votes to be nominated. If the congregation had all voted by a show of their many hands…the lights would have worked! Love seeing all the moss on the tree trunks and those water droplets too.

  9. Excellent pictures despite the gloom. I approve of the way you appoint your ministers. We never know how our vicars preach until it is too late to do anything about it.

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