A moving experience

Today’s guest picture is another found in last months files.  My brother Andrew sent me this autumnal shot of a bridge over the River Derwent.

derwent bridge autumn

At the moment, each day seems to be having a competition with the day before to see which can be the most gloomy.  Today’s day won easily.  It was quite warm at about 8°C so I did think about cycling, but the forecast was terrible with a greater than 95 percent chance of rain and a map covered in blue to go with it.

I stayed in and put an edition of the parish magazine of October 1968 on to the Archive Group’s website.  Sandy scans, does the OCR and formats these and I add them to the web and we now have a good collection on our site, stretching from 1960 to 1968.

Then I put a week of the newspaper index into the database, so in spite of the gloomy weather, it was a morning well spent.

I had enough time left to have coffee, do the crossword and occasionally watch the birds.

There weren’t many about and they tended to come singly to the feeder.  In an unhelpful way, many of them approached with their backs towards me…

incoming chaffinch

…until I began to think…

incoming goldfinch

…that they might very well…

incoming goldfinch 2

…be doing it on purpose to annoy.

incoming goldfinch 3

But in the end one or two approached from the side…

incoming goldfinch flaps up

…or from behind.

incoming chaffinch braking

They were very flighty today and didn’t settle.  As soon as one came in, another flew off.

one coming one going

The sharp eyed reader will have noticed the odd raindrop in the pictures above but in truth, I could easily have gone cycling without getting too wet.  Still, it would have been far too gloomy to take any interesting pictures so perhaps it wasn’t such a great loss.

After lunch, we went off to Carlisle.  It is Mrs Tootlepedal’s birthday today and as she really enjoys going to the pictures, we combined a little shopping with a visit to the picture house in Carlisle where we watched a film called Last Christmas.  It has been very poorly reviewed in the main but we enjoyed it, although there were a few minutes in the middle where we both had to fight a tendency to nod off.

It is a good hearted film with a straightforward and kindly message to impart so perhaps it was not surprising that it wasn’t to the taste of worldly wise reviewers.  I smiled a lot and laughed quite often.

The forecast rain finally arrived as we drove home.  One of the consequences of having had a lot of birthdays in my life is that driving in the dark during heavy rain is not quite the fun that it used to be, but we got home safely and I cooked the evening meal.

One chaffinch did the decent thing and approached the feeder from the side while I was looking, so it is the flying bird of the day.  Thanks to the gloom, I couldn’t get the shutter speed up enough to freeze its wings but it does show how still birds keep their heads while they fly.

flying chaffinch

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27 thoughts on “A moving experience

  1. I agree with you about night driving. You get all your birthday cakes in your house in short order (if you baked one?)! Happy birthday Mrs. T.

  2. Happy Birthday to Mrs Tootlepedal, I managed a pedal into work this morning and to stay dry. Phew! Cheers.

  3. Happy birthday to Mrs. Tootlepedal! While I’m drawn to deep, heavy movies as much as the next person, I think there is plenty of room for a movie like “Last Christmas.” I plan on seeing it sometime. Between politics and the climate crisis, the spirit needs a rest from time to time. And I believe we should be grateful for whatever innocent pleasures come our way.

  4. Happy Birthday Mrs T. What a splendid idea to go to the cinema- it’s different, dry and warm and occasionally entertaining! Lots of flying wings in your photos…just trying to make things difficult for you!

  5. A Happy Birthday to Mrs. T. I will look up “Last Christmas”. I had not heard of it.

    Glad your chaffinch finally gave you a decent side photo. 🙂

    The large cyclonic winter storm that was supposed to hit here veered off and went down into California. The higher elevations in the Cascades and Coast Range got a good frosting of snow, though. Fortunately it is still green, for now, at 800 ft where we are.

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