Boxing day

Today’s guest picture comes from Mary Jo in Canada.  She was on a family visit when she noticed the under snow tracks of a directionally challenged mouse.

mouse tracks in snow

As well as family visitors today, we had a few bird visitors too.  Interestingly, we had almost no bird visitors yesterday judging by how little seed had gone, so perhaps the birds were all staying at home with their families too.

chaffinch goldfinch

We spent most of the day in the house but I did pop out to buy some milk and visited the gulls on my way  (well, it was nearly on my way).

They were all on the water when I arrived but as soon as I got there, they flew up in the air…

flock of gulls

…and started to play musical chairs…

gull musical chairs 1

..on the fence posts.

gull musical chairs 2

It was a decidedly chilly day with a nippy wind, so more good eating, games of snakes and ladders and Ludo, dancing, talking, playing and singing were all enjoyed indoors.

Matilda and I watched the King George VI steeplechase on the telly and then Matilda gave me a demonstration of her own riding skills, first going down to the start steadily…

matilda on rocking horse 1

…and then riding out a close finish with hands and heels.

matilda on rocking horse 2

Mrs Tootlepedal and Clare, with some occasional help, finished off a decorative 500 piece jigsaw puzzle.  It was not as simple as it looked at first sight.

christmas jigsaw

We have made a small dent in the seasonal food mountain but there is a lot of eating still to be done.  It is really hard not to get too much food in when family are coming to visit, especially if they bring more delicious things with them.  We have eaten very well though, so I am not complaining.

I did get a flying bird of the day today.

flying gull`

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22 thoughts on “Boxing day

  1. Matilda looks right at home on the horse. Maybe she’ll graduate to real horses like my daughter did.
    I’ve wondered if the gulls fought over which post was best. It looks like they might.
    I like the shot of the one flying.

    1. Th gulls just went a long the line of posts, knocking one off which then went to knock the next one. It was comical to watch and they did about five or six posts in a row before they got bored with the game.

  2. I enjoyed the photos of Matilda on her horse, lovingly refurbished by the talented Mrs. T.

    Must be quite cold there with little activity at the feeders.

    1. Actually, we have stayed comfortably above freezing recently. I suspect that people being at home over the holidays and filling their bird feeders have kept traffic away from ours.

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