Not dipping my toe in the water

Today’s guest picture comes from Liz, who is both our gardening adviser and Mike and Alison Tinker’s daughter.  She got an unusual view of the Forth rail bridge from a nearby pottery cafe the other day.


Today was a write off here, gloomy at the start and gloomier as it went on.  It rained all day and for a lot of the time it blew very hard too.  As my foot has got a bit sore lately, I was very happy to have a good excuse to give it a rest.

I did drive up to visit Sandy to get our shared mount cutter as Mrs Tootlepedal wanted a small picture mounted.  He was pleased to see me.  He is finding life with a sore back rather boring, especially in weather like today’s.

I did look out of the window but there was not enough light to make this a gainful proposition with nothing on the feeder…


…and nothing in the walnut tree.


Some birds must have arrived later because as Mrs Tootlepedal was making meringues with egg whites left over from a Christmas custard…


…she saw the sparrow hawk swoop down and pick off one of our visitors.  This is bad because we don’t really have visitors to spare at the moment.

I spent the afternoon wasting time trying to be clever on the computer and actually taking more time to do a task than I would have taken if I had done it in the normal way. Still, I had time to spare today so it didn’t matter much.

I am sorry for a dull post but it really was a dull day in every way today, and no amount of dressing it up could make it more interesting.

The weather should be better tomorrow.



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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

28 thoughts on “Not dipping my toe in the water

  1. A wonderful view of the bridge in the guest photo. If it’s a grey and miserable day and you have a sore foot, staying in and eating meringues seems advisable. Actually, eating meringues is always advisable, isn’t it?

  2. Some days are just like that. I haven’t seen our sparrowhawk in a while. On occasion is would see a blur go by my office window as some small bird took refuge in the stand of lemon balm and spearmint, sparrowhawk in hot pursuit.

  3. Sounds like quite a good day really after all your recent activity plus the promise of a meringue hopefully filled with cream….that’s enough excitement for anyone.

  4. With the sweets around you, and yes I am including the scones dropped off, you are both amazingly slim….must be all the walking, peddling and gardening…not to mention all the other activities you both participate in and enjoy. You both are inspirational.

  5. Excellent photo by Liz. Great angles.

    Sorry your foot is sore, as I had been most pleased at the long walks you were able to take around the New Year.

    I’ve been craving meringues due to too much Great British Bake Off.

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