A birthday and a puzzle

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony and shows the sun shining in East Wemyss.  He tells us that it does rain too and you can indeed see a puddle in the picture.  He tells me that his phone does the rather dramatic editing without being asked.

wemyss teasels

A brief blog today as there was little opportunity for taking photographs in the continued absence of any birds in the garden.  This is very strange.

We went to Edinburgh as we usually do on a Thursday but this time, we added another family member to our collection and had lunch with our elder son Tony and his partner Marianne.

We were very pleased to get to Edinburgh at all as the railway company that runs the trains through Lockerbie reached new depths of incompetence today and having cancelled two early trains through a train fault and driver shortage, then had to close the line entirely south of Carlisle because the overhead lines had collapsed.

We drove the forty miles to Tweedbank instead and caught a slow (but more reliable) train to Edinburgh from there.  Luckily the weather stayed calm and dry and the traffic was light so the drive up was  a pleasure and the drive back in the dark was no great hardship.

It was Tony’s birthday today so we stood him lunch and bought him a nice steak for a birthday meal when he got home. He wants to point out that he is not fifty yet.

Our transport woes for the day weren’t quite over because after our meal with Tony, the bus we were travelling on to get to Matilda’s broke down and we had to change to another one.  We got there in the end though and enjoyed lending a helping hand in the completion of not one but two jigsaw puzzles.

matilda jigsaw

Matilda had taken part in the annual show put on by her dancing school last Sunday and someone kindly took this lovely picture of the dancer prepared for action.

matilda ballerina

The show went very well and Matilda was presented with a rose for being the most improved pupil in the ballet class.  She was modestly proud.  We were very proud.

The forecast says that we might see some sunshine tomorrow so I am hoping that it will be warm enough for a bicycle ride.,

The only bird in the garden that I saw before we left for Edinburgh was one of our resident dunnocks.  This is the second day running that a dunnock has had to stand in fro the flying bird of the day.

dunnock on wire

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35 thoughts on “A birthday and a puzzle

  1. Doesn’t Matilda look a treat! And good on you for even thinking of leaving home in anything but your wee electric car – the rail system surely requires stamina and fortitude.

  2. Traveling doesn’t sound like a picnic there but at least you didn’t have to drive in the city. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do less.
    Matilda looks just like a princess. It’s amazing how fast she is growing into a pretty young lady.

    1. I have reached the stage when I would be a danger to myself and everyone else in a busy and unfamiliar city street. That’s why the trains are important.

  3. Happy birthday to Tony, and congratulations to Matilda! She is indeed growing into a beautiful young lady.

    The lack of birds is troubling. I am glad the dunnock stopped by.

  4. Happy birthday to Tony. Glad you managed to reach your destinations in spite of transport difficulties. Lovely pictures of Matilda.

  5. If it is any consolaton to you – trains here in Germany seem to run on similar schedules as yours. The trouble started when governments sold public transport, telefone, mail service etc into private hands. -Birds are in scarce supply here too.

  6. Happy birthday to your son! Sorry about the trains. As an American, let’s just say I know a thing or two about privatization, and it’s certainly not all it’s cracked up to be. (Not that the state should own everything.) Hope the birds soon return to your feeder.

  7. Love the guest photo and the ‘princess’ photo too! Hope the railways get their act sorted quickly to help all travellers reach their destinations quickly, efficiently and safely…I sound like an advert!!

      1. The cheese in our house disappears at such a great rate of knots that it would take a very high shutter speed to catch it before it is gone.

  8. Sounds like quite the delightful day once the train kerfuffles were conquered. Matilda is certainly very lovely in her dance photo.

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