A necessary pause

Today’s guest picture comes from Dropscone’s recent visit to Amsterdam.  It shows the station clock.  Unusually for a clock, it doesn’t show the time on this face.  By a curious mechanism it is able to show the direction of the wind which the weather vane on the tower is recording.  (There is also a flying bird in the frame!)

amsterdam station

My day started with a visit to the doctor, occasioned by a few short dizzy spells over recent days.  The doctor took my blood pressure, felt my pulse, peered into my eyes and ears, and listened to my heart.  Having discovered that I was alive and well, he sent me home to sit quietly for three days, which I fully intend to do.

If I am still dizzy after that, he will prescribe some pills.  As I don’t like taking pills if I can help it, I intend to be steady as a rock after the three days of rest are over.  In the meantime, blogs are going to be quite dull.

Luckily, Dropscone came round for coffee in the morning and Mike Tinker came round for tea in the afternoon so I was not devoid of good company and Mrs Tootlepedal was on hand with constant support.

And there were several birds to look at to help to pass the time.

A siskin started the bird day off with a watching brief on the fake tree…

siskin on fake tree

…and soon siskins arrived at the feeder itself.

siskin on feeder

Then a chaffinch got tucked in…


…and made sure that I knew what it was eating.

chaffinch with beakful of seed

A goldfinch sized up the position…

goldfinch checking

…and flew down to get a seed for itself.

goldfinch landing

Another perched on a stalk…

goldfinch on stalk

…before heading for the feeder and lunch.

goldfinch off stalk

Soon goldfinches and siskins were eating, but still keeping an eye out for…

full feeder

…incoming traffic.

full feeder with visitor

Below the feeder, the ground nibblers were about.  A dunnock crept past some promising daffodils…

duunnock hiding

…while a robin looked around…

robin peering

…and a blackbird took up a solid position.

quizzicval blackbird

Looking down on it all was a rook in the walnut tree.

rook on walnut

The kind people who run the servers where the Archive Group website sits have updated the version of PHP which they will allow me to use.  As a result the page which produces the results for a picture search no longer works.  This gave me a lot of headaches and after some to-ing and fro-ing, I now know where the problem lies.  Solving it will be more difficult as it involves understanding things like this:

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function
mysql_escape_string() in
Stack trace:
#0 {main}
thrown in /home/****/****.com/****.php
on line 16

This code is no longer supported so I will have to find out what the new version is or at least find someone who can tell me.  (The asterisks are the file names).    I might have understood this some years ago when the website was first written but I certainly have forgotten all about it now.

Still, I have time on my hands for the next couple of days!

The flying bird of the day is a siskin in determined mood..

flying siskin

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36 thoughts on “A necessary pause

  1. Awfully sorry about the doctor’s orders. Sound like you have a tough computer project on hand.

    I was chronically terribly dizzy till a nurse practitioner (after a neurologist and brain MRI failed to find the cause) suggested vitamin D. It really helped. I still get the spins on occasion but nothing like the chronic almost blacking out feeling I had been having on and off for a few years. She said even fishermen and other outdoorsy people in the Pacific NW have D deficiency! Maybe also true of Scotland? A test showed that despite being outdoors so much I did have a deficiency. I hope your cure is a simple one.


  2. I had a period of dizziness once and after nearly a year of tests they said I was dehydrated, so I make myself drink plenty of Gatorade now. It keeps me on an even keel.
    I hope you get over it quicker than I did. It’s no fun.

  3. You’ll probably soon recover from your dizzy spells.
    And won’t be going out for a spin then I take it (sorry I couldn’t resist that one)😉

    I along with some of my older friends suffer with dizziness occasionally..mine is usually caused by an ear infection or sometimes over exertion (which is why I’m a slow bike rider)
    I used to go to my GP with it and once had an MRI scan which found nothing untoward.
    I now just accept it as a transient thing which will pass and don’t worry about.
    Hope yours is the same.
    Liked your inquisitive robin.

  4. Sorry to hear about the archive’s website problems. Database scripting is what I do everyday so if you would like some assistance, just let me know. I’d be happy to help.

  5. I hope the dizzy spells turn out to be just passing phenomena, and that you will not need pills.

    It is good to see busy feeders, and beaks full of seed, 🙂

    Sounds like the Murphy’s Law of Computer Updates has struck. Good luck updating the code.

  6. Very sorry about tbose dizzy spells – most unpleasant. Let’s hope they go away really soon.

    Excellent blackbird and robin pictures.

  7. Sorry, too, about the dizzy spells and hope enforced rest will send them packing. That web site problem looks impossible, what a triumph it will be when you have cracked it.

  8. Funny how things work out. The birds return to give you some splendid photo opportunities whilst you press your pause button on exercise for a few days and a computer problem to solve…what could be better?!!

  9. I’m with Derrick on that one – I read the technical bit and felt quite poorly. I hope the rest cures the dizziness problem.

    What with birds and clock that shows wind direction I was in danger of becoming over-excited by this post, so dullness is unlikely to be a problem.

    1. What is more depressing is that I helped to write the page originally but because I haven’t had to make any websites in recent years, it has all flown out of my brain.

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