Today’s guest picture is another of Simon’s views of the railway bridge over the Esk below Canonbie.  I will have to go for a walk there myself, it looks inviting.

canonbie railway bridge

There is very little to say about today.  I was secretly quite pleased that it was in general a wet and windy day as it made my task of sitting quietly all day much more tolerable than if the sun had been shining.

On the down side, it was very nasty when Mrs Tootlepedal went off to catch the train to Edinburgh to visit Matilda.  It had stopped raining by the time that she got to the capital and she had enough time to visit the last day of the Turner exhibition at the National Gallery and the Lakeland shop which is nearby.  A nice mixture of art and commerce.

Because I wasn’t on the trip today, the trains in both directions were punctual and had sufficient seats for the number of travellers.

I did nothing exciting but the enforced rest let me put another two weeks of the newspaper index into the Langholm Archive database and an electrician arrived and replaced the defunct fan in our bathroom, so the day was about as good as it could be under the circumstances….especially as I didn’t have another dizzy spell.

The rain stopped in the late afternoon and I made a brief expedition into the garden just for a literal breath of fresh air.

We are getting very excited about the first daffodil.

daff developing

The snowdrops are coming along well…

snowdrops on back path

…and the magnolia is developing buds.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn’t get walloped by a hard frost.

magnolia buds

Mrs Tootlepedal has brought some snowdrops in and put them in a vase so they gave me something to photograph…

snowdrops in jar

…though I should have used a tripod, but I was too lazy.

snowdrop flower

The quiet morning and afternoon were followed by a quiet evening.

Perhaps because of the strong winds, or perhaps because of a looming sparrowhawk, or perhaps because of a mixture of both, no birds were seen all day today so this is not a flying bird of the day, or even a perching one.

not a bird

Matilda’s father has fixed the PHP update problem on the Archive website.  As he is a pretty busy chap, this was a great kindness.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

36 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. So glad no dizzy spell today. I am eager to know what the doctor will say on your next visit. Beautiful snowdrops. Mine never do that well. Best wishes for being able to take a walk soon. I’m glad for you that the weather is rainy.

  2. Great to see the daffodil and snowdrops. Ours don’t open quite that much and yours seem to have more green, so I wonder if we have a different variety here.
    I hope the dizziness is gone for good. It’s a hard thing to get used to.

  3. Hopefully your dizziness has cleared itself, but any clues as to what caused it?
    Your closeup shows the true beauty of the humble snowdrop.
    That’s an unusual metal bridge construction.

  4. That view of the bridge is positively enticing – I do hope your walks will take you there. The signs of spring in your yard are very hopeful, despite the greyness. It’s supposed to be about 3 or 4 here on Saturday – very odd, indeed – but not enough to bring bulbs to the fore (and just as well, as they’d no doubt be hammered by reality the next day!).

      1. Oh yes, and will be for some time. That said, it’s 5:17 p.m. and a wonderful and very unusual (for this time of year) -2C, so I definitely don’t need my arctic boots! It’s as though we’re experiencing some kind of odd Prairie Chinook.

  5. I am glad Mrs. T. had an uneventful, punctual train ride today. Sorry you missed that, but it sounds like you had a good day working on the database. I hope your dizzy spells are over, and that you will be able to get out and about again soon.

  6. I’m pleased to read that the PHP problem is solved and you haven’t been dizzy. I’m not sure what message you should take from the train situation. 🙂

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