A dull day

Today’s guest picture is another from camera club member Simon’s recent walk in our hills.  It was so grey today that I thought we needed at least one bit of sunshine to brighten up the day.

simon's walk

Storm Dennis arrived softly but it was raining by coffee time and the wind got up as the day went on.  Luckily we seemed to have been spared the worst once again but it was still a gloomy and miserable day.

Like the rain, the birds arrived slowly and a lone siskin started things off…

lone siskin in rain

…although when it looked left, it saw a bird arriving…

siskin nand chaffunch

…and when it looked right, it saw that another had arrived.

siskin and siskin

In the end it stopped looking around and concentrated on eating seed.

busy feeder

Once the siskins had taken over the whole feeder, new comers got a dusty welcome whether they came from on high…

siskin coming from on high

…or on the level.

siskin coming in from below

The rain occasionally eased off and the gusty wind dropped too…

placid chaffinch

…but it soon started to blow again.

goldfinches in the wind

I took advantage of a moment when the rain had dropped to a drizzle to walk to the shops and purchase some necessities.  There was cheese involved.  I was pleased to have the ample hood on my new coat to protect me from the rough wind.

When I got home, I checked to see what was going on in the garden.  It is quite warm today at 10 degrees C and the early daffodils seemed quite perky…

daffodil in Dennis

..while some crocuses…

yellow crocus in Dennis

…had even defied the elements and opened their petals.

pale blue crocus in Dennis

The rhubarb is still sulking.  Following a conversation with our friend Mike, Mrs Tootlepedal is going to put a bucket over one shoot and try a little forcing.

rhubarb not doing much

After a quiet afternoon in front of the telly, I took a walk down to the Wauchope to see if the rain had caused it to rise.  It was still pretty calm.

wauchope storm Dennis PM

This was more than I was as I went home, because a tremendous gust of wind accompanied by a mini deluge of rain filled my wellies with water and got my socks wet.

I went out again at seven o’clock in the evening when the rain had stopped to see what was what.

The Wauchope was full but not alarming but the Esk was raging.

Esk storm dennis 1

…and dangerously close to its banks.

Esk storm dennis 2

Quite a few others were out doing some river watching too and this lady showed my some pictures of severe flooding in our neighbouring village Newcastleton, which is just over the hill from us.

spectators storm Dennis

We have more than enough water in our river so here’s hoping that we don’t get more.  It was still rising even though the rain had stopped.

Esk storm dennis 3

An orange street light at the suspension bridge showed how high the water is.

Esk storm dennis 4

More strong winds and rain are forecast for tomorrow so we will just have to wait and see what happens.

A siskin is the flying bird of the day.

flying siskin

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24 thoughts on “A dull day

  1. It doesn’t sound like a dull day with flood warnings in force for Langholm and severe flood warning in force for Newcastleton! Take care Tootlepedal and stay safe.

    1. Newcastleton had a severe flood but we escaped. They are on a flood plain and have had a lot of trouble overt recent years. We have had more trouble with water running off the hills than with flooding by the river but if this wet weather goes on, that may change.

  2. The feeders and flowers provide a bright spot on a rainy, gusty day. I hope the Esk calms down along with the wind.

    It has been a rainy day here, but not windy. Just cold and wet. Mr. Chipmunk visited the feeder this morning to collect seed spilled by the birds.

  3. I heard about your storm on the radio here today. I won’t repeat it but I do hope the rain will stop. The river looks quite high.
    I’m glad the daffodils and crocuses aren’t bothered by it.
    It was nice to see the first rhubarb leaf starting to unfurl. It’s an amazing process each spring.

  4. Pleased you placed that lovely guest photo first to brighten everyone up before we saw those worrying photos of the Esk. Hope it all remained calm and the water didn’t get higher…careful where you empty your wellies- you don’t want to add to the flooding!

    1. I may have slightly exaggerated the amount of water in my wellies for literary effect but happily the rivers went down as quickly as they went up and I didn’t add to the problem. 🙂

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