Almost too busy to blog

My brother Andrew passed on this guest picture of the day from his son Nick.  The River Soar has burst its banks and Nick’s garden near Nottingham was in this state when he woke up this morning.

Nick's flood

We had another grey but dry day here today but the forecast is offering us a lot more rain to come.  I couldn’t take advantage of the weather to get out for a walk as I had a visit from a man looking for photographs in the morning.

We had a good look through eight years of pictures, courtesy of the excellent media search system on WordPress and selected ten possibilities.  That took time but was relatively easy.   Then I had to try to find the originals as the pictures I use on the blog are too small to be useful elsewhere,  This took a lot of time but I did find not only an old external hard drive but the connecting lead too so I was able to get originals of most of the selection.

This didn’t leave me a lot of time to look at birds, although my visitor kindly pointed out this resting blackbird as he passed by the window.

blackbird resting on hedge

It was a day of few birds but there were enough chaffinches about to annoy one of our resident dunnocks.

dunnock and chaffinch

One chaffinch is enough to annoy a dunncok.

Some birds did turn up in the end…


…but this one preferred to remain anonymous…

flying chaffinch hiding

…and reflections in the window spoiled this one’s efforts to become FBotD.

flying chaffinch with streaks

I walked round the garden but it has got colder again and crocuses, whether singly…

closed crocus with raindrops

…or in clumps, were sulking.

closed crocuses with raindrops

After lunch, we went off to Carlisle to collect our daughter Annie and her daughter Evie from the London train.

They had survived the journey very well and Annie was full of praise for the station staff at Euston who had gone out of their way to get her on to the train with her pushchair before the other passengers boarded and had found her a suitable seat.

The only drawback to the Zoe is that the battery takes up a lot of room and as a result our boot is very small.  We just managed to squeeze Evie, Annie, the pushchair and a big case in and drove back to Langholm safely.

Evie has settled down well and is sleeping quietly as I write this.  She was undisturbed by a gang of recorder players who came in the evening and played music in the front room.

I am quite tired at the moment and will try to write more fully tomorrow.

The flying bird of the day is another chaffinch who avoided the worst of the reflections in the window.

flying chaffinch

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25 thoughts on “Almost too busy to blog

  1. I love the color of the crocuses.
    I’m glad you all had a safe trip.
    There’s nothing more satisfying than a baby who sleeps through anything. My son was just the opposite and for the first six months of his life i was a zombie.

  2. The crocuses are still lovely, even furled.

    The dunnock looks easily annoyed, though the chaffinches and goldfinches are a rowdy lot. 🙂 We had our usual towhees, juncos, chickadees here today. The golden-crowned sparrows drop in from time to time.

  3. Your crocuses look well wrapped up just right for the weather. Enjoy your visit from your daughter and grand daughter- such a special time.

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