Two walks, three rides and a puzzle

Today’s guest picture is a lovely study of a heron in the pond at Myatt’s Fields in London.  It was taken by our daughter Annie.

annies' heron

We had another fine and sunny day, both here and when I got to Edinburgh.  It was a bit too chilly for cycling in the morning so I went for a quick walk round three bridges while Mrs Tootlepedal went off to an interesting meeting which lasted all day.

You wouldn’t know that we have just had two weeks of storms.

peace after storm

An oyster catcher had taken over the fence post duty from the gulls.

oystercatcher on fence

I did see a grey wagtail at the Kilngreen but it was too quick for me and got away.  I had to make do with a tree on the Castleholm which stood quietly and echoed the hill behind it quite neatly.

tree and timpen

It was a lovely day for a walk (as long as you were well wrapped up as the wind was bitter).

lodge walks

I just had time for a coffee and a slice of toast after my walk and then it was time to drive to Lockerbie to catch the train to Edinburgh.  It was nearly on time.

There are some fine views to had as the train goes through the hills on its way to Edinburgh.

snowy view from train

When I got Edinburgh, I got off the train at Haymarket instead of going to Waverley as usual.  I had a couple of hours to spare before Matilda got out of school so I walked from the station to the start of the Union Canal, stopping for a snack on the way.

The area round the canal basin has been ‘poshed up’ a lot…


union canal

…but some more traditional buildings can be seen further along the towpath.

old church union canal

This was my favourite spot on the whole walk.  It was hard to believe that I was still in the centre of a city.

tree and union canal

two rowing boats union canal

clubhouse union canal

There were bridges to admire along the way, both metal…


metal bridge union canal

…and stone…

stone bridge union canal

…and mechanical.  This is a lifting bridge near the canal basin.

lifting bridge union canal

The towpath was sometimes wide…

wide towpath union canal

…and sometimes narrow…

narrow towpath union canal

..but mostly busy.  Cyclists do not seem to have discovered the purpose of bicycle bells so it was nervous work from time to time.

I liked this rather desperate attempt to make a dull building more interesting by adding a portico and a palm tree.  It didn’t convince.

buildings union canal

I took many, many pictures and I hope to visit again in the not too distant future and show you some more of this pleasant place.

On my way to the canal and back, I passed along this splendid crescent.  I lived in Edinburgh for five years but never went this way before.  It is called Gardner’s Crescent..

gardeners crescent

…and it has a garden called Gardner’s Crescent Garden but the planting is not very interesting to say the least.

gardeners garden

I got back to Haymarket and enjoyed a ride on the tram to the other end of Princes Street.

Edinburgh Tram

This was a great treat for me even though I had to buy a ticket because my bus pass doesn’t work on the tram.  Perhaps this was why there was no shortage of empty seats.

I arrived at Matilda’s in time to welcome her back from her school day.  She was in good form and told me that she had been learning the ‘banana hold’ at the judo club.   We had a good time and after some energetic action with a hula hoop, we settled down to do a quiet jigsaw puzzle.

matilda and puzzle

Alistair not only cooked a tasty lentil dahl for our tea but sorted out the coding problems on my Langholm Archive website.   This is just the sort of son you want when computer problems loom and you are peckish after a good walk.

The train home was late but not by much and although I had to scrape ice off the car, the drive home went without any hiccups.

Mrs Tootlepedal reported that her meeting, which was to do with community land purchase in general not the Langholm buy out in particular, had been thoroughly worthwhile, so we had both had a good day.

I walked just under 20,000 steps according to my phone.  It tends to exaggerate a bit but it was still a good day of exercise.

The flying birds of the day were seen at the canal basin and were strangely immobile even when I said “Boo!” to them.

canal birds

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30 thoughts on “Two walks, three rides and a puzzle

  1. The sun looks wonderful after all the storms. How have the frogs eggs fared after all the cold weather and high water?

    Matilda is in judo class already? Good to hear they are starting them early. When one gets thrown it doesn’t hurt on landing so much when one is small. 🙂

  2. I like the photo of the boats on the canal. It’s very summery.
    The snow covered hills with sheep in the foreground is another excellent view.
    To think that the crescent shape the building was built on could have been laid out with a stick and a length of string. I doubt that’s how they did it but they could have.

  3. I couldn’t help noticing the different ‘rufflements’ (?!) of the water surface as you went along, beautifully calm at your favourite spot.

  4. 20,000 (or thereabout) well used steps, a Frozen puzzle, lentil dahl, and a good word play as well. A day too good to even mention the railway timetable 😁

  5. Excellent photographs, and comments once again. I would recommend a trip, on, or walk on Canals where available in any city. Certainly, in Birmingham, it’s like another world, especially beyond the areas “regenerated” where sympathetic rebuilding has been completely ignored unfortunately

  6. You’d definitely land a job in Scottish Tourism as you’ve sold us on a holiday visit to Edinburgh! Great photos of an interesting and fascinating city.

  7. Wonderful to see a part of Edinburgh with you. What a city! Always enjoy seeing pictures of Matilda. And you are one lucky man to have a son who can both cook a delicious meal and help with computer problems. Finally, always a treat to see Matilda.

  8. The change in train schedules is a benefit to your readers, because we get to see more of Edinburgh. My favourite photo was of the two boats. I stayed in an Edinburgh youth hostel in a handsome crescent like that back in 1975.

  9. I enjoyed the pictures of snowy hills and the interesting tour of Edinburgh. Until you told Derrick you hadn’t hula-hooped I had been imagining another contest between you and your grand-daughter and had wondered where you found the energy!

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