Nothing but singing

Today’s guest picture comes from  my Manitoba correspondent, Mary Jo.  I think she must have moved on from Australia to New Zealand because today’s picture shows the Rakaia Gorge, which is in the South Island.  It was raining when she took the picture.

rakaia gorge nz

Today was a busy day but it will give rise to a brief post as camera opportunities were few and far between, not to say nearly non existent.

We went off to church in fine weather and returned in a  rain shower.  In between, we had quite a long service and a short choir practice so this did not leave me much time to watch the birds before an early lunch.

There were not many birds to watch but those that came still gave me great enjoyment.

A goldfinch got in among….

siskins and goldfinch

…the familiar crowd of siskins.

four siskins

The sun came out and a chaffinch came too.

siskins and chffinch

I put this picture in just to show that a siskin can eat a seed without dropping it.  This is a very rare shot for that reason.

single siskin not spilling food

The necessity for my early lunch was caused by a ‘singing day’ with our Carlisle Choir.  It is called a singing day but it is really a singing afternoon as it lasts from 1.30 to 5.30.

I went down by myself as Mrs Tootlepedal had other calls on her time and managed to purchase some cheese, sourdough bread and coffee on my way.

The singing afternoon was very enjoyable and useful too.  We are singing in a local music festival competition next Thursday so we did a lot of work on the three songs we are doing, but we also had a couple of technical workshops which should improve our singing if we all remember what we learned.

We could hear another sharp shower battering on the windows while we sang, but the rain passed and I drove home with a beautiful sunset lighting my way.

It was a very satisfactory afternoon and it was made better when I found that Scotland had beaten France in the rugby international.  I had been quite happy not to watch the game as I had expected us to lose.  I can watch it calmly on catch-up now and claim that I always knew that we were going to win.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch, not the best, but the only one I got today.

flying chaffinch

Footnote:  There are have been several reported cases of the coronavirus in Cumbria so it may be that things will start to get cancelled if more cases are confirmed.  It would be a pity if all our hard work for the music festival comes to nothing, but we shall have to wait and see what happens.

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27 thoughts on “Nothing but singing

  1. Yuck. The Coronavirus rears its ugly head in your neck of the woods. Hope your government handles it better than ours has. Good luck with the competition. In the meantime, sing!

  2. my brother told me that there are cases in Newcastle. Our chapel there has been closed for deep cleaning and members of the congregation have been told to self isolate. Instead of a large meeting , a stake conference, they had a video conference. Just hope we all stay well

  3. Exciting to see Mary Jo was in our neck of the woods…just down the road, in fact.
    Hope the virus doesnt get in the way of your competition…life has some crazy twists and turns!

    1. I always enjoy reading your comments about preparing for the music festivals. I hope the upcoming festival doesn’t get cancelled. I live in Seattle and everything is getting cancelled here – schools, conferences, meetings, etc. I am worried about the small businesses, particularly restaurants. They are empty.
      Such a difficult time for so many.

      1. Our government is being very relaxed at the moment but I fear that this may be more to do with business pressure than public health reasons. But I am a cynic.

    2. You are fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world. And . . . apparently you have goats! We just came from visiting friends in Australia, and they have a goat farm. Very entertaining creatures!

  4. A couple of days before the match I told Jackie that I thought Scotland could win – but of course I couldn’t have anticipated what did it for the French.

  5. Fingers crossed for the music festival! Scotland’s match was great to watch and a brilliant result too…can’t wait for the next match!!!

  6. Hi, Lorna. I am sure you’ve heard that our clam festival and other events have been canceled. I am so worried for our local business owners.

    Mr T, I hope you will take special care.

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