Going nowhere

Today’s guest picture comes from East Wemyss where our son Tony tells us that his dogs found the sea a bit too rough for their liking.

wemyss waves

It was another windy here again, and once again it was very grey too.  The threatened frost didn’t arrive but it wasn’t far above zero at breakfast time.

I cycled round to the shop and checked on the oyster catchers on my way back.

two oyster catchers

Then I walked up to see Sandy.  Trapped in his house for six weeks after his operation, he doesn’t see what all the fuss about a tiny bit of self isolation for the virus is about.  His main worry is that the hospital may be too busy to take his plaster off when his six weeks is up.  That would be hard to bear.

I was very sympathetic and even more so when he plied me with chocolate ginger biscuits to go with good coffee.

When I left him, the rain was holding off so I went home via the track to the Becks Burn.  If you chose your view carefully, the day didn’t look too bad….

view over field topwards warbla

…and there were signs of spring to be seen…

bud becks track

…along the way…

early primroses

…but in general, it was still a pretty miserable day with grey views to match the grey weather.

wintery view becks burn

Still, a nice show of lichen on a gate cheered me up…

lichen on gate

…and when I got to the road, instead of going straight home, I went along Gaskell’s Walk, enjoying the long stemmed moss which carpets the banks in places.


When I got to the Stubholm, I rather felt that the moles had been working so hard that they had made mountains out of their molehills.


Encouraged by the continuing absence of any persistent rain (there had been one or two opportunist little showers), I extended my stroll to take in Easton’s Walk and was rewarded by a fleeting glimpse of a dipper in a little stream at the far end if the Beechy Plains….

dipper murtholm

…and seeing no less than two grey squirrels as I walked back along the river.  If you look with the eye of faith, you may just see one of them scampering up a tree in the picture below.

grey squirrel eastons

They are trying to keep grey squirrels out of the  area to protect the resident red squirrels but I fear that they are fighting a losing battle.

It started to rain seriously as I walked through the park and the sight of blossom dangling from a tree seemed very incongruous as by this time it didn’t feel like a spring day at all.

early blossom park

When I got home, it was lunch time and Mrs Tootlepedal called on all her haute cuisine skills and prepared a dish of baked beans on toast for our delectation.  It went down well.

After lunch, the weather remained very depressing and I gave up thoughts of the great outdoors and settled down to watch Cheltenham races on the telly.  Views on whether the meeting should have taken place at all are divided but the racing was excellent and the sun even shone.

Although the light was too poor for good pictures, I watched the birds when the rain eased off.

A goldfinch and a greenfinch had joined the siskins on the lower level of the feeder.  This was because….

mixed birds on feeder

…there was no seed available at the top level, thanks to dereliction of duty on the part of the feeder filler.

siskin checking on seed

A dereliction of which the greenfinch took a dim view.  He didn’t care to be mixing with impertinent siskins.

greenfinch on feeder

In a quiet moment, a chaffinch sneaked in.

flying goldfinch

I had to look twice to see what sort of bird this was, perched on the feeder.  It turned out to be  greenfinch, probably a juvenile.

young greenfinch

I made a sausage stew for our evening meal and when we had eaten it,  I joined Mrs Tootlepedal who was organising an envelope stuffing event at the Day Centre for the community buy out group.  This is for a mass posting to give everyone in the town a chance to see the prospectus for the proposal and add their support to the group if they wish.

Seven stuffers were in action but as there were 1400 envelopes to stuff with five separate pieces of paper and a brochure for each one, it was not the work of a moment.  We got finished though and the envelopes are sitting in our front room as I write this, ready for distribution over the weekend.

envelope stuffing

If any local reader would like to help with the big task of distribution of the brochures in their street or area, Mrs Tootlepedal would be very happy to hear from them tomorrow.

Flying birds were hard to spot in the gloom so this goldfinch was the best that I could do.


Footnote: I just manged 10,000 steps for the day.  If I can’t get a cycle ride in, I am at least trying to get a good walk if I can.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

28 thoughts on “Going nowhere

  1. 10,000 steps is nothing to sneeze at. I find the GPS on my phone doesn’t know if I’m walking or riding so I don’t know how many steps I take in a day.
    Nice to see the flowers, gray day or not.
    I’d guess that Mrs. T. won’t be too keen on writing any letters right away.

  2. Chocolate ginger biscuits?! It doesnt get much better than that. Even the greenfinch’s headmaster stare would be mellowed after partaking them! I hope Mrs T gets heaps of distribution helpers and people take the time to becomd properly informed.

  3. I agree about the biscuits, Enjoyed all the interesting things you noticed on your walk especially the primroses. Good luck with the envelope distribution, may many hands make light work.

  4. Laughed out loud, Derrick asked me what had amused me, told him about ‘A dereliction of which the greenfinch took a dim view. He didn’t care to be mixing with impertinent siskins.’ and the accompanying picture, wonderful!

  5. Love the Greenfinch shots, I don’t get to see them often. Sorry about the Grey Squirrels, they can be a problem even where they belong. I didn’t realize there was reverse-invasion going on. I wonder if the Grey Squirrels made their way to Europe before the Starlings and House Sparrows came here.

  6. Mrs T’s offering of baked beans on toast sounds yummy. My mom started me on those sandwiches when I was young and I continue to enjoy them. If I mention such to anyone, I’m generally greeted with “yuck”. They don’t know what they’re missing!

    1. My Leedsman ex used to love beans on toast. He was and I am sure still is an excellent cook (Chris Nickson, now a well known English mystery author) but every now and then he’d decide it was a beans on toast night.

  7. Excellent envelope stuffing and community effort- hope you get some postie helpers. What large moles you must have in Scotland! Huge disappointment about the rugby- everything is getting postponed- except my house work!

  8. I would help if I were there.

    Our libraries just closed…the regional system that serves many small towns in our state. Somehow to me that made the whole thing the realest of the real. And I have been taking it very seriously.

    I see you as someone very able to entertain yourself, and Mrs T has the garden to keep her busy. Take care, Mr T!

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