Mrs Tootlepedal delivers

Today’s guest picture is another from Venetia’s Moroccan adventure.  Thinking that my flying birds are getting a bit prosaic, she sent me these flying goats.

venetia's moroccan goats

We had another miserable grey day here today, dull in the morning and getting wetter later.

Mrs Tootlepedal was extremely busy all day delivering the letters with the brochures regarding the community land buy out.  Helpful volunteers did a lot of delivering too but she had a good deal to do herself.

I was really creaky in the morning so I didn’t help but I did manage to do some shopping and cook tomato soup for lunch.

I took a couple of peaceful birds in between times.

chaffinch on stalkrepoll posing

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal had a rest for a while while the birds on the feeder went into full action mode in the rain.

siskins in the rian

A siskin showed off his kung fu moves…

kung fu siskin

…while a greenfinch dared anyone to come near him.

greenfinch unmoved

While siskins flew in every direction, a goldfinch got its head down and tucked into as many seeds as it could eat before it got attacked.

goldfinch tucking in

The hustle and bustle was relentless…

siskin attack

…and even the redpolls joined in.

redpoll attack

An unfortunate chaffinch found itself getting abused by siskins from in front and a redpoll from behind.

chaffinch getting a shouting

The bedraggled blackbird was back again to have a peck at a fat ball which I had put out.

injured blackbird and ball

The rain stopped and I had a quick look for frogs in the pond, but there were none to be seen.  One of the Forsythia buds had made it into flower though…

forsythia flower

…and there is a yellow theme developing.  The small daffodils are out but a bit oppressed by the rain…

small daffs drooping

…and the bigger ones will soon be out.

regular daffs starting

While there was a gap in the rain, we went up to visit Sandy and deliver more letters.  He lives in Holmwood, a large group of houses which are mainly perched on the side of the hill.  This means that almost every house is up or down a path or steps so we got plenty of exercise as we posted the brochures.  Sandy provided us with a welcome cup of tea and some ginger biscuits to keep our strength up.

We went back home after a couple of hours of work and while I settled down to putting another two weeks of the newspaper index into the Archive database, the indefatigable Mrs Tootlepedal went off on her bike to deliver yet more letters.  In the rain.

(If non Langholm based readers want to see what the fuss is about, the details of the project can be found here.  Click on the button for the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve to get a picture of the possibilities)

The are more letters to be delivered tomorrow!

The flying bird of the day is a siskin battling through the rain.

flying siskin

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24 thoughts on “Mrs Tootlepedal delivers

  1. You’re still ahead of us. I looked for both Forsythia and daffodils today and saw only buds.
    I read the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve pamphlet. It seems a very ambitious project but there’s no reason it can’t be done if everyone gets on board. I hope Mrs. T. sees it come to pass after so much hard work.

  2. Wonderful goats!! Mrs T is SO busy. Lovely bird pics as usual. I too like the calm bird portraits as well as the active ones.

  3. Wonderful set of acrobatic bird pictures, you take such good photographs, every one a winner. Do hope the Nature Reserve takes off after all that work.

  4. A great project and website detailing it all. Fingers crossed it all works out. Love the individual bird photos and all your comments too! Today, we saw a magpie snatch a little goldfinch from the bird feeder and fly off with it! A bit of kung fu looks quite tame now!

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