Two short planks

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who took it on one of his walks.  A local farmer has fenced off a section of a field for the convenience of walkers passing across his land, and fortunately it is just wide enough to allow for social distancing as required these days.

andrew's walk

Although it wasn’t actually freezing here today, there was such a chill in the wind that my head actually hurt when I went for a morning stroll round the garden and I was happy to go back inside and have coffee and a biscuit in the warmth of the kitchen.  If those minor deities who helped me out yesterday had been alert and on the job, I would have stayed in the kitchen for the rest of the morning, and the afternoon too.

But they were sleeping at work, so I went out into the garden to help Mrs Tootlepedal with the general tidying up.  The log shed also holds the sieved compost tubs and I went to move one of these to a better place.  It was quite heavy and I leaned forward as I went to put it down briskly, and then, in an echo of one of those scenes from early silent movies that are so amusing to watch, the tub landed on one end of a short plank which I hadn’t seen.

In obedience to the laws of physics, the other end of the plank rose up sharply and cracked me on the nose with some force.  I did not find this funny at all but like the poor cat in the cartoons, I saw stars.  In no time at all I was back in the kitchen being tended to by Mrs Tootlepedal with Dettol and paper towels.

I was not only hurt but very embarrassed by the fact that I might have to seek medical help at a time when the health service has other things to worry about.  However, the damage was not too bad and I had only suffered a cut and some bruising.  By great good fortune, the swinging plank missed my glasses by a millimetre and the main damage was to my pride, though my nose may bear a scar or two.

After a paracetamol and a shrewdly placed piece of tape, I was able to have my lunch and then to venture (very carefully) out into the garden again.

It was still cold, but the wind had dropped a bit so I wandered (carefully) about.  There was enough to look at to keep my mind off my nose if you see what I mean.

The fritillaries are coming on regardless of the cold…

fritillaries blooming

…and the blue tits were back again.

blue tit in silver pear

Daffodils are multiplying…

triple daffodil panel

…the scillas are improving and a tiny aubretia has started to come out too.

scilla and aubretia

By half past three, (really only half past two but the clocks went forward last night), the wind had calmed down enough and my fettle had improved enough for me to go for a short walk.  It was a day for a cycle ride on my alternating walk/ride schedule but I felt that that would be really pushing my luck so a (careful) walk it was.

Pool Corner looked very peaceful for a day which was still very cold and had been so windy earlier…

pool corner peace

…but as I went on, the wind continued to drop and the sun had enough warmth in it to make it a good day for a stroll.

I went to the Auld Stane Brig and then  walked up the hill, enjoying trees…

tree above auld stane brig

…and views on my way.

view from lower warbla

I didn’t go far up the hill and soon turned back towards the town.  Clouds had blocked the sunshine over me…

sunshine on distant hills

…but there was enough wind left to blow them away again as I walked through the Kernigal wood…

kernigal wood track

…enjoying the varied treescapes…

kernigal wood trees

…as I went.

kernigal wood

A fallen branch was covered in script lichen and buds on the hawthorns promised blossom to come.

script lichen and hawthorn buds

As I came back down the hill into the valley…

above the murtholm

…there was enough sunshine and warmth to make me feel very cheerful.

beechy plains

I enjoyed the contrasts of sunshine and shade as I walked back along the river…

easton's walk sunbeam

…and the blossom in the park was the icing on the cake.

blossom in park

My attempt to take a picture of the mass of daffodils on the banks of the Wauchope at Caroline Street was thwarted by Mr Grumpy getting in the way.

heron and daffodils kirk brig

I extended my walk by going along the banks of the Esk where the calm scene was a world away from the swirling floods of February.

bridge with low esk

The pair of oyster catchers were once again beside the water…

pair of oyster catchers

…with a third one a few yards away.

lone oyster catcher

I managed to get home without falling over or knocking into anything which was a relief for Mrs Tootlepedal.

And to me.

The non flying bird of the day is a collared dove which had being flying very shortly before I took this picture of it on our drive.

collarded dove


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55 thoughts on “Two short planks

  1. I’m glad you weren’t seriously injured. If there is one thing I’ve found by working outside it’s that you can get hurt quickly and easily. You’ve got to be sharp and on your toes every minute.
    I never knew Mr. Grumpy was so short. His cousins here would tower over those daffodils. Or maybe it’s just a trick of the camera.
    Nice to see the beautiful flowers on the trees. It shouldn’t be much longer here.

  2. Ohhh – Dettol – I’ll bet that stung (even more than the blow to your pride)! Hope you heal quickly and without too many headaches. Mr. Grumpy looks like he’s gone a round or two with a plank himself – very bedraggled, poor guy.

  3. The angled lighting in the photos is beautiful. It does look cold. We have had rain here all day today, with only a brief glimpse of sun here and there. The forecast mentions possible snow on Wednesday.

    I agree, Mr. Grumpy looks a bit bedraggled in that photo.

    I am sorry you had a run-in with a plank, and am glad you were not injured worse than you were.

  4. Glad you are ok…I know that hurt. Great that you took a walk and took those wonderful photos…the walk really helped you. I probably would have stayed in and not reaped the benefits of the walk and fresh air. Sun here tomorrow and I plan to work outside (carefully).

  5. Thise cartoon injuries are so much funnier when happening to Sylvester. Glad Mrs T could render first aid and that you ventured out for the walk. The sky alone is the best sort of medicine!

  6. Mr Grumpy looks quite dashing with the daffodils for a backdrop. Hoping the nose recovers without any complications and needing no medical intervention.

  7. Love the title, from experience I know often the hurt pride lasts longest? I can say I loved today’s [virtual] walk with you. It was yet again, excellent. “photobombed” by Mr. Grunpy!
    It is always heartwarming to see the results of a gardener’s hard work, and of course, their helpers?
    In fact, let us celebrate all those who lift our spirit now or at anytime.
    Thank you.

    1. Cheers Ken. The pain, both spiritual and physical was mercifully short lived which was quite surprising considering what a bash I gave myself. My manly beauty is slightly impaired but I hope that that will pass too.

  8. I can’t believe you took such gorgeous photographs after your plank encounter. The show must go on? It certainly did. Even with Mr. Grumpy’s interference. Be well.

  9. I told you it was the wee folk who were playing games- the planks were a set up! The bruising didn’t stop you from taking some lovely photos of the woods and your garden flowers. Love the blue tit and the oyster catcher photos too. Use your aloe vera gel on your bruise- it will get better much faster!

  10. Another round of amazing pictures – and I love the guest photo too. And fritillaries, I don’t know that I’ve seen or heard of these but they look lovely!

  11. Quite a relief that board didn’t smack you any harder on the nose or break your glasses or cause a visit to the doctor. Your vision certainly wasn’t impacted because your pictures were just beautiful and so enjoyable to see.

  12. That sounds like a very painful encounter with the plank…and just after the BBC had warned to be careful with do it yourself jobs. Gardens and sheds seem extra full of danger these days. You showed great fortitude going for a walk afterwards, and all your tree photos are gorgeous.

  13. The classic accidents are always the best. I once did the cartoon rake trick whilst gardening, trod on the upward-facing tines and slapped myself in the face- until then I hadn’t believed it was actually physically possible in real life. I didn’t think you could get the leverage, but you can.

    I’m glad there was no lasting damage, and thank you for a classic comedy moment, you have brightened my day immeasurably and, in the process, revealed my lack of tact and empathy. 🙂

      1. Last time I saw your nose you had been using it to arrest your progress down the road. It really suffers to preserve your face from serious damage doesn’t it?

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