Waited all day and then missed it

Today’s guest picture of a nicely posed very fancy daffodil comes from my Highland correspondent, Jenni.

jenni's daffodil

By co-incidence, Mrs Tootlepedal showed me a fancy daffodil in our garden today.   She is not quite sure why she is growing this one as she….

fancy daffodil

…much prefers plainer sorts.  We do have a variety of ‘plainer sorts’ in the garden too.

four daffodil panel

We had another generally fine day but still with that chilly wind, so unless the sun was shining, it felt quite cool in the garden.  Luckily the sun shone quite a lot.

I had my usual morning of coffee and crossword but I spent quite a lot of time in the garden with Mrs Tootlepedal.  After some active gardening days, I had run out of things to do, so I mostly stood around gormlessly while Mrs Tootlepedal did arcane things with a trowel and bucket.

This left me with time hanging heavy on my hands so I took far too many picture with various cameras and lenses.

There were insects in daffodils….

insects in daffs

…and attractive blue flowers.  I especially like the tiny flowers on the Brunnera with even tinier buds.

hyacinth and brunnera

I sat in the greenhouse to get out of the wind and admired Mrs Tootlepedal’s peas growing in a gutter.

peas in gutter

Then we did a little work on the new path that has appeared since the second kitchen waste bin was moved to its new position.

kitchen waste bins

Why do you need two kitchen waste bins? So that one can rot down peacefully while the other is being filled up again.  This makes emptying the bins a much more simple proposition than if you only have one bin.

The first plum blossom has appeared, which is exciting.

first plum blossom

Looking very closely at flowers is generally exciting too.  This doronicum has go a lot going on.

doronicum close up

There was nothing very  exciting about this dicentra but I do love the very rich colour it has on close inspection.

colour on dicentra

My macro lens peered at a tulip, the dark inside of a fritillary and the very curious goings on in a Euphorbia.

three flower close ups

Unfortunately I had put the macro lens away before I saw this bee.  The bird lens did its best.

bee on hyscinth

It was happier with a jackdaw though.

brooding jackdaw

After lunch, I took another picture of this tulip…

pink tulip

…and then I had a lie down in bed and read a book for an hour.  Hanging around at home and not doing much turns out to be quite tiring.

Then I pulled myself together and went off for a bike ride in a stiff breeze.

For a warm(ish) and sunny day, the wind made things feel cool and I was glad to still have plenty of layers on.

As I was going round my customary 20 mile Canonbie circuit, there was nothing fresh to look at so I looked at some familiar sights….

tree at bloch

..on my way…

two canonbie cows on the march

…just to prove to myself that I had been out for a ride.

The light was nice though so I stopped on the Hollows bridge and looked….

esk bank at hollows

…over both sides.

esk at hollows

I like this little corner near Irvine House.  It comes to life when the sun is in the right place.

Irvine house

We had been promised clear skies in the evening so I was very much looking forward to getting some shots of the full moon tonight as it is one of those big moons when it is near to the earth.  Owing to one thing and another, I forgot to keep a check on the time and by the time that I did look out, it was too late.  The moon was there but so were a lot of passing fragmented clouds which teased me with the possibility of seeing a clear moon but then hid it again.

If I had been half an hour earlier, I would have had a clear view but I had to settle for some unintentionally arty shots instead.

pink full moon 1pink full moon 2pink full moon 3

It was an impressive sight, even with the clouds.

The flying bird of the day is another passing rook.

flying rook

Footnote:  Mrs Tootlepedal told me that the clouds had gone so I went up and had another look when I had finished the post.  The moon was high up by now and a lot smaller to look at but it was in clear sky.  Better late than never (but only just).

pink full moon 4


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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

41 thoughts on “Waited all day and then missed it

  1. The shots of the moon are excellent. It’s not easy to get both the moon and clouds in one shot.
    The bird lens did a great job with the bee too.
    Amazing how different the river looks on either side of the Hollows bridge.

  2. The pictures from your day are beautiful, including the moon. it was fairly cloudy here last night, so I did not get a good look at her.

    The peas in the gutter are curious. It is just a way of mass starting seeds, or does the whole gutter with plants get moved outside?

    1. The gutter gets moved outside and it is very easy to push the pea plants out of the end of the gutter when they come to be transplanted into the veg bed.

  3. Moon shots fab, I woke at 1.30am and saw the moon clear of clouds.love the flower photos as well.

  4. Fancy daffodils are popping up in my garden too after buying a mixed bag of daffs last autumn! I rather like them as a specimen feature. Amazing photos of the moon and the inside of flowers …love a bit of arty and the unusual !

  5. Hi tootlepedal, I have been keeping up with and enjoying your very much, but comments I have made seem to have been lost in the other. So I am trying on my phone. I am truly honoured that you used a couple of my pictures in your guest slots. The pictures in today’s post are beautiful. Cheers.

  6. I love the arty moon.
    I agree with Mrs T, as the double or split daffodils are not my favourites.
    Really lovely spring green photos on your outing today.
    You are so right that you cannot have too many compost bins.

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