Back on the road again

Today’s guest picture comes from one of my Somerset correspondent Venetia’s recent permitted walks.  She thought I might enjoy it as it has a gate and a sort of bridge in it.  She was right.

venetia's gate

Today’s post will be short and may be a bit garbled as I have had a busy day, didn’t take many pictures and then, just when I was going to sit down to write the post at my leisure, I got waylaid by a very good streaming of Twelfth Night from the National Theatre’s on line archive.

I wasn’t intending to watch it but the production was most original and very effective and I couldn’t let it go.

Back to today.

It was warmer than it has been and the wind was calmer so although the sun didn’t shine a lot, it was a very good day to be in the garden or on the bicycle.

In the morning, I went to the chemist to pick up prescriptions and this was the first time that I had been in a shop, other than our corner food shop, since the lockdown started.  I was impressed by the dividing marks on the floor and the screen for the assistants.

When I got back, I joined the street coffee morning for a while and then went off to water in some buck-u-uppo for the front lawn After that, there was time for a garden wander.

This flower may not look very impressive but it is the first clematis flower of the year and should soon be followed by many more,

first clematis flower

The tulips continue to delight the eye…

tulip panel

…and the little group in the bottom right corner of the panel are growing on the drying green.  Mrs Tootlepedal thought that it needed brightening up.

I have been waiting for a sympathetic light to do justice to the trout lilies which are in very good form.

trout lilies

I was pleased to spot a bee getting into the dicentras through the front door and not by boring holes in the sides.

bee on dicentra with nose

I would love to tell you what this promising looking stalk is but I can’t remember.  (A kind reader has pointed out that it a lilac.)

new buds

We went in for lunch and then I embarked on a culinary adventure as I tried making fig rolls.  To be precises, they were date rolls as the pips from the figs get into my teeth and spoil the enjoyment of eating them.

I have hardly ever make pastry and the process of rubbing the butter into the flour is one that I find both tedious and difficult so I approached the task with some apprehension.  The results didn’t look particularly attractive but they were the right shape and taste fine so I will have another go soon and see if I can make some which are a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

After admiring a sparrow on the feeder…

sparrow on feeder

…I went off for a cycle ride.

At 60 degrees F and with a light wind, it was a day for cycling shorts and my knees saw the light of day for the first time for many months.

The cooking had left me a little late so I just pottered round my usual Canonbie run.

view over bloch

One of the morning coffee drinkers told us that it has been the driest April on record so far and this has left the hills looking a lot browner than they ought to be at this time of year.

In spite of the savage verge mowing, a few wild flowers are to be seen.

These are garlic mustard and they showing up in more places this year.

pyrenean valerian

I caught a flash of bluebells over a hedge as I got near Canonbie.

bluebell wood north lodge

And just before the village the road was lined with dandelions under a greening hedge.

green hedge with dandelions

Although we have a few weeks to go before ‘full leaf’, things are definitely looking up.

greening up at hollows

Rather to my surprise, I saw a partridge walking along a wall at Irvine House.

quail on wall

When I got home, I had time to spot a blackbird on an electricity pole….

balckbird on pole

….before going in to enjoy a date roll or two and a chat with my brother and sisters courtesy of Zoom.  They are all using the technology to do language classes so I feel a bit idle.

There was no flying bird today but a rather fuzzy flying bee takes its place.

flying bee

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29 thoughts on “Back on the road again

  1. The white flowered plant by the stone wall looks like what we call garlic mustard, which is highly invasive here.
    I’ve never seen trout lilies bloom as well as those do. It must be the compost.
    It’s nice to see green leaves along the river like that. Spring seems to be on hold here.

      1. I find almost any mistake is easy to make these days. I checked as I passed some today and the valerian has quite a bit to go before it flowers.

  2. The photo of the pale pink buds on the plant you can’t identify sure looks like a lilac to me. But since I can’t see the whole plant I may be wrong. Our lilacs are just starting to open. I had picked a bunch of white ones, with some white/ orange narcissus and when I awoke in the middle of the night last night I couldn’t believe how the scent permeated my upstairs. And now I know my sense of scent isn’t as dismissed as I thought it was. Yours should be very fragrant too if it is a lilac.

  3. The hillside of bluebells and the dandelions along the road are beautiful. I particularly enjoy seeing flowers blooming en masse.

    A dry day here, and I moved an entire pile of alpaca manure from the neighbor’s place to the garden. Rain is forecast again tomorrow.

  4. One of number sat an exam today via technology. She needed to have a camera trained on her throughout and was supervised by someone in Minnesota.
    Im glad it was warm enough to air your knees😊
    As for rubbing butter into flour…I use a blender. As well as being a tedious job the feeling of the butter and flour mix,to me, is revolting

  5. A very handsome partridge wonder where he was off to! I call that Valerian…Jack by the hedge…don’t know who Jack was but he’s everywhere this year -tastes of garlic! Good to see the bluebells on mass and to know that you enjoyed your cycle ride.

      1. Unfortunately life has taught me that I am often wrong and if I was hoping for wisdom to descend upon me in old age, I have been disappointed. But I am still happy. 🙂

  6. The wall-walking partridge made me smile! I think the clematis set against the stone is beautiful, blooming or not.

  7. Such lovely Trout Lilies and Clematis, and I wish that I could meet a partridge on a wall!

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